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  1. I'm also experiencing this as well with the A-10C II on the Persian Freedom campaign. Several times in a row now right when crossing the runway threshold the aircraft suddenly pitches up.
  2. As a prospective buyer I appreciate your quick response and updates. I'm still working my way through several other campaigns but this one is on my shopping list. Thanks for your work on it!
  3. I've been playing through the Viper Red Flag campaign. It's been one of my favorites so far. So well documented and executed. This was an instant day one buy for me (as is anything else from Bunyap, Reflected, or Baltic Dragon moving forward). I can't wait to dig in this weekend.
  4. They do when they are working, but not with this bug/issue
  5. Same issue. I've notice the same problems with the P-51D and Spitfire instant action and single player missions. Really makes most of them pointless if you're wingman is just gonna fly next to you and not do anything.
  6. Thank you! I didn't know you could expand a .miz file like that. Brilliant!
  7. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same limited FOV on the Train Strafe mission and it's really annoying.
  8. In these 2v2 dogfight instant action missions for the Mustang on the Channel map, I think the radio isn't set up with the correct presets to communicate with your wingman. As a result, he just flys in formation with you until he gets shot down by the enemy fighters. It would be nice if he could be commanded to do his part. I manually edited the missions on my old machine to make the radio work, but I found in a new fresh DCS install on my new machine the missions are broken in this regard. I guess I'll manually fix them again, but it would be nice if they were fixed out of the box.
  9. Curious if this ended up being fixed in 2.7? I didn't spot anything in the changelog that matched this issue, but I haven't noticed the red/orange flashes in any of my channel/normandy flights/fights over the weekend.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the followup and fix! I'll give it another try after work today!
  11. Today was my first day trying the server but I two had no luck hovering above any troops in the woods. I'd circle around the smoke very slowly and never get any popup or any kinda of indication on where they were.
  12. Oh cool, that's great. I'll check that out, thanks!
  13. Just came to post up after I just finished the first mission too. A lot of fun! Here are some thoughts of mine: The good stuff: 1) I REALLY like the complete set of radio voiceovers. Not having to hear the clunky DCS ATC comms really increases the immersion factor 2) BIO's briefs are really well done. Clear, fluent, to the point, with just enough personal touches to make it feel real and engaging. 3) The checklists, procedures, and kneeboards are great, and very useful. 4) The BFM was done really well so far. I like that you can go guns on and a new lead would spawn for the next set. Worked well. 5) The skins look great! Nit picks: 1) Having the lead be a red coalition meant Jester was freaking out on ingress, so I had to mute the ICS, then re-enable during the BFM sets so he'd give me the callouts. I imagine that was a DCS limitation though since we ingressed in formation and immediately launched into the first set. Egress the lead was a blue coalition aircraft so there wasn't the same "Jester freakout" factor 2) I'm still guessing a bit where our parking area is. Maybe I've missed it in the kneeboards, but having a Nellis facility map with the squadron's marking marked would let me be sure I was shutting down in the right spot. Overall, really stoked on the campaign. I'm new to the Tomcat, so I'm using this campaign to be my training, which feels appropriate. Really digging it and I'm sure it's going to really help me feel more comfortable in the jet. RTB after a successful training session Damn brah, that was a great first mission, wouldn't you say Jester? I concur Bozo! TOMCATS!
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