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  1. My max usage today was 45GB. Tried everything to max out the RAM. Switched between airplanes, locations an so on.
  2. Thanks, any ideas when the next mission with the A4 Skyhawk will start? Asking because I discovered this great plane yesterday and now can’t wait to test in in one of your missions.
  3. @Alpenwolf Did a already take a look at the new SA map from razbam? Any ideas regarding a mission for this map? I know it’s a new map with likely not many players, but I am just interested.
  4. Same for my wingman with a low end system. Syria ist OK, but Marianas and The Channel not. Without a free trial it would be to risky for him.
  5. Hands still white at night and glowing….
  6. Still there. Is there at least a possibility to deactivate the gloves? During night the glowing gloves are really annoying.
  7. Also looking forward for the free trial.
  8. Weis einer ab wann man den AH64 testen kann? Bevor ich zuschlage würde ich doch gerne erstmal ne Probefahrt machen
  9. Totally agree, had a 3070, and now a 3080 12GB. Fixed a lot of issues. Totally happy now with my Quest 2 and DCS.
  10. I am very interested when we get more infos about the F4 such as development pictures. If it is planed to release it this year there should be a lot of work in progress which Heatblur could show us.
  11. Also with my new PC the problem still exists .
  12. Yes same here. Controls working perfectly within the plane but not in the menu.
  13. Thank you so much! The F14 was my first plane in DCS and is still my favorite. That you guys now doing one of my favorite planes is just incredible. Can’t wait to send you my money!
  14. Problem still there. (Quest 2 and RTX 3070)
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