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  1. Thanks for the great work @Minsky. One question, is the RWR/HARM codes page missing? I did not see it in the zip file I downloaded. I'm keeping the older version around because the having the HARM codes readily available is pretty nice.
  2. Whenever I change monitor options, DCS restarts itself. It's pretty painful to make the switch. The only thing different between my usual monitor config and the Apache is the viewport names: $ diff CUSTOM\ -\ AH-64D\ PLT\ MFDs.lua CUSTOM\ -\ default\ MFDs.lua 2c2 < name = _('CUSTOM - AH64D PLT MFDs'); --- > name = _('CUSTOM - default MFDs'); 18c18 < AH64D_PLT_LEFT_MFCD = --- > LEFT_MFCD = 26c26 < AH64D_PLT_RIGHT_MFCD = --- > RIGHT_MFCD =
  3. From TWS, establish STT and then enter RAID mode. All visible trackfiles are shown with L&S star symbol. Additional oddities: entering RAID seems to "work" after establishing STT track from RWS EXP is boxed when entering RAID. Note: in the attached track, I'm not hitting the OSB to box EXP, I'm using the "RAID/FLIR FOV" HOTAS function to enter RAID weird numerical values displayed in RAID mode where target altitude differential is typically displayed multiple L&S with SCAN RAID.trk
  4. I went to an airshow a couple of weeks ago and got a chance to look and touch an AH-64D on static display. The 2 pilots were there and really took their time to interact with the crowd. I was able to ask a bunch of questions. I asked why the FCR wasn't mounted and he said in the Apache's current role, it's a 300-lb weight sitting way above the helo's CG so it's usually not mounted. He said it would be useful in a peer/near-peer conflict but not in the COIN stuff they're doing now. I then asked if the TADS was where the magic happened and he said that it was a system from the 90s that was badly in need of an update. In his words, it was "trash", LOL. So it turns out even RL pilots wish for fixes and improvements even though the gear and tech is working as intended
  5. Great video and I'm really looking forward to making some ham sandwiches after this feature drops. After watching it, I had a couple of questions. Was the cut landing grade a one-off error or does Mode 1 still need a bit of tweaking? This is more of a procedural question, but I notice Wags drops gear then trims for onspeed AoA, drops half flaps and does more trimming, drops full flaps and does more trimming. For CASE I, I drop gear and full flaps all at the same time while in the break and try to estimate trim so I'm close to onspeed AoA after coming out of the break. I do the same for CASE III but have to hold more forward stick to prevent full flap condition from pitching the nose too far up while I trim for onspeed AoA. With Wags' approach, it makes the straight-in dirty-up a lot less stressful. With a properly executed CASE I break, I don't know if there's enough time to do the sequential gear/half flap/full flap operation. Do real-life Navy guys follow a specific procedure for this or is this all personal preference? I'm genuinely curious so I hope this thread doesn't get locked, LOL.
  6. Just to clarify - you're not using Helios to export any viewports, right? Instead, you're using custom PLT and C/PG monitor configs to handle viewport exports? If that's the case, do you have any tips on how to dial in the placement and dimensions of the exported viewports so they line up with your Helios profile? Up to this point, I've been using trial and error and it gets tedious with all the DCS exits/restarts.
  7. Is there a solution that does not involve using a unique monitor config? It would be cool if the MFDs could change dynamically when moving to the PLT or C/PG seats. I'm not sure this is possible, given what little understanding I have of DCS viewport exports. Hopefully someone muchly more cleverer than me can figure something out.
  8. Here's a video from Redkite that explains how trim with non-FF controls can get tricky.
  9. One example I can think of is an emergency autorotation. Imagine being trimmed for forward flight and you lose power. Being able to instantly find the center of cyclic and antitorque in a sprung joystick and pedals is pretty handy. I used trim reset a lot in the Huey while learning autorotation. I would create a mission where I would start in the air and cut fuel to the engine. It took me a couple of crashes to figure out that when you airstart in the Huey, it's trimmed for forward flight and pulling the cyclic full aft doesn't give you enough pitch authority to enter a successful autorotation.
  10. I was one of those hoping for a trim reset function and am glad it's going to be included. However, I'll try your method and consciously try to be more active on setting trim to see how well it works. I do have the control overlay open and it can be pretty distracting so anything to help me get rid of it is welcome.
  11. Clicky buttons are the best! I want this so much. I'm using TM Cougar MFD panels now and the mushy membrane buttons aren't the most satisfying to push. Also, they don't have enough buttons to emulate the Apache MPDs.
  12. The MPDs exported fine without any changes but I'm seeing the same thing with the CP/G displays being exported even when I'm in the back seat. Is there a way to dynamically change these when crew positions are switched? I'm afraid that the answer may be "no" as the exports appear to happen when the module loads. Maybe the only way to get it to work is to have the module reload when changing seats. Sort of like when you jump into another module with the RALT-J command.
  13. Good tip. You can also take a look at the ones that ship with Helios and Helios profiles and use them in your Stream Deck profiles. I'm just getting started with Helios and it seems to be a great compliment for my Stream Deck, especially for aircraft with large amounts of steam gauges. I tried Ikarus, but it didn't seem to play well with the DCS Stream Deck plugin.
  14. Disregard my question. After looking at the problem for a bit, I was able to modify the P-51D.lua file to get it to feed the Stream Deck what I needed. I wanted to be able to display coolant temp, oil temp and fuel levels in gallons of all tanks. I referenced other Stream Deck threads in the forums here and looked at other module exports files to get a good idea of what to do. I used the Model Viewer to eyeball the relationship between DCS ID values and cockpit gauge values. That worked well for the ones with linear relationships. The fuel tanks seemed non-linear so I found an online function generator and used it to generate some parabolic functions. Yay, math! All that was left was to copypasta some really simple lua stuff and massage it to work for me.
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