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  1. HI, with Tacview (1.86) running about 15 minutes into my simple single playter mission my framerate drops to single digits, GPU goes to 100% and GPU fans full blast. Core temp of GPU is 86c, CPU is about 66c. I can reproduce this fairly consistently. Disabling tacview makes the problem go away. 32GB Ram, Ryzen 3600, Radeon 6800XT, SSD. Any tips on how I can stop it from crippling the game? Cheers. EDIT: I'm not 100% sure that it's even Tacview but I only had this problem since enabling it last week and after disabling it have been unable to reproduce it. I also noticed that with tacview on if I go into active pause my framerate immediately halves. unpausing returns it to previous framerate. I can toggle this and see it happening each time. Does not happen with tacview disabled.
  2. I found this with Dragon's Dogma and Dear Esther. My solution was a cheap, powered USB hub that allows you to switch individual ports off. I plug my stick, throttle and rudders into this and just switch them off if i play anything besides DCS. Which is hardly ever but still
  3. Appreciate the clarification, as may others who stumble into here. Good stuff.
  4. An extra click after context clicking a file when the options presented aren't what you want (which is most of the time) to select other options and finally the thing you want to do. The replacement of Copy, Cut and paste options with an iconic equivalent, on that same context menu. WHY!!!???? Everythign else is text. Why make those 3 icons? There might be others but those two are a constant annoyance. On the plus side... nope, I can't think of anything!
  5. Well that's a shame. Hopefully Vulkan etc. will give AMD users some better performance. I'm more than happy with my 6800XT and wouldn't buy nVidia anyway but it's still annoying to know the 3080 is better for DCS!
  6. I have the G1 headset as well so I tried the vr settings too but amd recorded an empty file so no definitive results available to put here in terms of numbers. Similar results in general to the 2d though. At the lowest setting I wasn’t even needing reprojection as I was getting sub 10ms gpu frametimes.
  7. I still wouldn't switch to 11 if I had my time again. Zero benefit and a couple of downsides I reckon.
  8. The AMD performance hit was fixed a few days ago (KB5006746). I have the same system as the OP except I have a 3600X CPU and all is well now.
  9. GTAV runs at 30fps @ 1080p on a Macbook Air M1 8GB using parallels for ARM, Windows for ARM and then whatever Microsoft's emulation layer is. I'm not saying that's good BTW, but it's a starting point for talking about Windows game performance on Apple silicon. Personally I'd never start with the wrong hardware and then try to work around it
  10. I've got a 40" 4K here, and a 2k, and a 144Hz 1080p. On the 4K I found I didn't even need to turn on any anti aliasing because the pixel density was so high. To cut a long story short I use the 1080p despite having two higher res displays, and the horsepower to drive them. I prefer all the effects turned on and the high framerate vs an actual higher resolution. It feels like DCS is pretty happy at 1080p.
  11. There's so much that governs what works best on a system. Just out of curiosity I used your settings (except I had to choose 3200x1800 resolution, so a bit higher than what you had - I guess you have an ultrawide?) with a 6800XT (a lower card) and using that track file I get minimum 50fps, maximum 96fps with a mean of 68fps. I'm on Windows 11 and I do have smart access memory enabled (Ryzen 3600X @ 3950MHz, 32GB ram at 3666MHz). I have no other cards to compare against of course! No doubt a 6900XT would be better and I guess a 3090Ti too, but maybe my system favours Radeon cards for some reason? Who knows!? P.S. What did you use to log the FPS? I just got the Radeon software to log it but if there's something better I'd like to try that.
  12. I have an area on the Syria map where my GPU frametime jumps from about 9ms to 40. In this area I have positioned 3 mortars, constantly bombarding a point a thousand odd feet ahead of them. I'm assuming this is what's causing the spike but why? recommendations to solve it? I also have a reaper drone in that area also so I guess it could be that. Haven't tried removing either yet. Seems odd that the GPU spikes rather than the CPU
  13. Same with 6800XT. Had same thign with my 5600XT. Assumed this was normal!
  14. What are you using to tell you what your framerate is? e.g. the DCS overlay itself?, fpsvr?, an nvidia/amd overlay? Using fpsvr, on an AMD Ryzen 3600 with Radeon 6800XT it shows me 45fps (occasionally 44 or 46 weirdly) or 90. Never 60. This is with a Reverb G1 (Windows 11)
  15. Log overwritten sadly and after doing a repair the txture is back I should have tried that before reporting really... I did think it was urban camo as I approached it initially, until I saw the text lol
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