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  1. You are right. Historical filter was on. I didn't knew at all if such thing exist like "historical filter". Thanks for quick reply, all works now.
  2. Hello, Lately I have noticed that when I create mission I can't select/add MiG-29A for Serbia country. I have checked file db_countries.lua placed in DCS World OpenBeta\Scripts\Database and Serbia should have MiG-29A available. For any mission task there is no MiG-29A on the list. For countries like Russia, Slovakia, Poland the MiG-29A appear on the list. I suspect that some other units might be missing on list but can't recognize it yet. Funny thing is that I can open and use my previously created mission with Serbian MiG-29A. If I change plane for another, I can't re-select MiG-29A on the list which is also strange. I did cleanup and repair of DCS World in SLOW mode and unfortunately nothing changed, just some liveries were moved to backup folder. Somebody has got any ideas ?
  3. HI there, It would be great if we could share some information about NATO and Russia Air Force doctrine. Most of the information are top secret, anyway we have a none-top-secret source of information that indicate behaviour during air combat operation. I mean podcasts, videos, maybe some documents that were officialy uncovered. Let's make this subject a set of information like puzzle that could let us estimate big picture of tactics and strategy that might be involved into DCS flying. For very very beggining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9HdBswnoks https://omegataupodcast.net/252-red-flag/ (Red Flag is a source of good information that might be satisfying for DCS pilots) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYW9PvYkTjQebdKRmtvcpGPHBiSkFxCvh (Jetstream TV series contains interception and A/G training) Best Regards, Mat
  4. Usually static thrust parameter is the engine parameter - one engine, not all powerplant of aircraft. Regarding Thrust to Weight ratios your flight test of vertical climb is not appriopriate, as on high angle of attack, your lift to drag coefficient (L/D) may vary with different aircraft. In such test you took into account forces: weight, thrust, and you forgot about acting forces: lift and drag. If you would like to perform such test, I would suggest take-off-roll time and distance to chosen speed for example: 185 kias, it will also do not show correct numbers but will be much closer to judge T/W ratios.
  5. I would like to ask if there is a way to have J-11A cockpit voice alerts language set to english and leave Su-27 with native Russian. DCS main menu settings change all to native or english and it is not a solution for me. I suppose there is a way to set it manually in some configuration file or replace chinese voice files with english ones ? Thanks in advance for help.
  6. Hi there, I am in trouble with almost immediate crash at the very few seconds or minutes after mission start. I did the cleanup and repair successfully, unfortunately crash still exist. The 2.5.6 worked well, now updated 2.7 made this trouble. Log attached. dcs.log-20210415-194202.zip dcs.log-20210415-201939.zip
  7. Vertical Scan Mode (keyboard 3) is recommended for dogfights with cannon. If you would rather to improve your skill with Helmet system, try to assign lock button and cannon activation button to your throttle/stick buttons and so you could use it as HOTAS instead of keyboard.
  8. Welcome back After some days of testing and reading all the complains for pitch through over two houndred pages thread for Russian speaking players I have began to wonder about pitch instead of controls settings - I simply have little doubts that even with long precise stick the aircract behave as it is currently presented in DCS. I know that ED team have involved even CFD to have the correct figures for MiG, in general they made good job but... but anyway even CFD could give inaccurate result in some cases - aerodynamics of 17m plane with non-linear characteristics for speed range to Mach 2.5, having LERX wing... is hard to calculate even with best available hardware today. It's clear we cannot solve Navier-Stokes equation to achieve accurate result close to realism. The figures like coefficient of lift + drag + momentum are the basic and it could e achieved by CFD, it has been done right, ED proved it in Russian thread that I mention above. The MiG documentation have it clear what are the numbers of that basic coefficients characteristics and it has been done accurate. Let's talk about things which do not related to basic charateristics of DCS MiG-29, but might be essential to what we feel on stick: - Aerodynamic Stability and control derivatives (it does include damping). Proffessional flight simulators numbers are taken mostly from CFD, manufacturer calculations, and finally - flight data recording of real airplane. Of course there is no parameter to record like 'aerodynamic damping' or some stability derivative, it is made by calculation based on other parameters during specified manouver. The test flight consist of such specific manouvers in order to reveal parameters directly related to our 'stability and control derivatives'. Finally after plenty of records engineers make the simulator, they put the test pilot into it and test pilot says that many things are wrong - and it is normal, it is always like this. Engineers then change the figures and it is clear that the numbers in sim become a bit different that CFD and flight test calculations, but test pilots judgement are satisfactory and simulator might start certification process. To tell long story short - aerodynamic stability and control derivatives are the key numbers for what we feel on stick (disregarding SAU in this case) - SAU itself is a NOT Fly By Wire system, it is directly connected to control system in order to increase damping, change the forces on stick, etc, it has got huge effect on handling qualities and it is extremly difficult to create SAU model in simulator like DCS to let the sim handling be realistic - most of us have the short stick and equal forces disregarding what is happening to aircraft in simulator. DCS MiG-29 might be simply so accurate in numbers that it is impossible to feel it realistic - short stick and equal forces are not what SAU does. - one of polish retired MiG-29 pilot wrote on polish il2forum.pl that such DCS MiG-29 sensitivity is far from real, the real aircraft were very easy to handle, especially on low speed where controls response were much less sensitive then on high speed. So I came back to playing with control settings to involve axis scale and I read about file FMOptionsMiG29.lua which has got only few lines, but allows to increase damping. I've got interested in parameter fuselageMyDampK which is related to damping in pitch, it is problably one of corrective coefficient for Cm_q, which have effect only on aerodynamic short period oscillations. Default value is 0.3. I have played within range of 0.3-70.0. I recommend setting 9.0, also some values between 1-9 might be satisfying for you. It makes a different only in short period oscillations, so it is safe to change it, all characteristics, performance of MiG is intact after change. File is located here: \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\FM. I do also upload my pitch axis scaled settings, before someone ask about it. If some of you feel the difference after FMOptionsMiG29.lua change, please let me know, I hope it will help for some of pilots with standard joysticks.
  9. For someone who is still keen on axis settings, @Svend_Dellepude noted here that: His solution were to have full virtual deflection when pushed about halfway. I have checked it out and I agree - there is some kind of conflict wih MiG-29 axis scaled 2:1 compared to joystic physical 1:1. You might try Svend method or try artifically move the center a bit in AFT direction and it will make great difference, it will also result in more intuitive take off and landing. One disadventage is trim center also will move AFT. Actually it all depends what price we will pay to be close to realism, someone would rather have more realistic feeling, and someone would rather have more realistic stick position, including trim center. I have tested setting which also include axis scale and I recommend you all to play with it, it will make good effect on feeling the aircraft. Best Regards, Mateo
  10. I have checked it today and I agree. If usuall pilot have a short stick and equal deflection & forces for pushing and pulling from center it will be in conflict wih axis scaled 2:1. I tried to artifically move the center a bit AFT direction and it made great effect in feeling the aircraft, it will also result in more intuitive take off and landing. The only disadventage is trim reset. If we reset the trim, center position will be not at the real center but at the center which is artifically moved backward. It all depends what price we will pay to be close to realism.
  11. Hello, I appreciate that my settings were helpful for some of you. Regarding the ROLL I prefer precision near center and less precision near defclection limit. Simple curvature wasn't so satisfying for me, but I think most of pilots would accept it (at the level about 25). Regarding general aerodynamics of MiG-29 in roll - ED took into account decreasing ailerons/elevons effectivity with increased angle of attack and SAU limitation, anyway if you want to increase roll rate during manouvers, you need to decrease angle of attack. If you are in combat turn at high AOA and want to roll the aircraft, two variants are considerable - lower AOA a bit or simply accept low roll rate. You might notice that if aircraft all trimmers are reset to center aircraft rolls well. Final result/advice: if you move stick on side in order to roll, you need to simultaniously push the stick forward, a little. My roll settings below:
  12. I do use sun filter, anyway I thought there is possibility to change HUD symbology via some lua file. Tthank you for advice anyway.
  13. Hello, Could someone maybe advise if there is a way to darken the HUD in MiG-29 or make it more readable ? I found out that at max brightness of HUD (Ctrl+Shift+H) it is still unreadable on FullHD screen 20". I have already downloaded ClearHUD mod for MiG-29 and it is better but anyway I want to make it darker. There is no any file like material.lua and I am unable to figure out how to change it.
  14. Hi, So without 'slider' a very similar curve shape is available and some of you might try it, but there is one adventage if slider is set to on. I will attach picture what will happen with slider set to off. A more flat curve is something that increase precision, a more vertical curve is somthing that reduces its precision. We want to have hight precision within flight envelope deflection zones - it is range about 0 to 65. I can actually reduce saturation to 65 and it would be ok, but I couldn't reach maximum deflection. If I will use 'user curve' without slider I will achieve much shorter zone of flight envelope and still very ow precision near maximum deflection zone. So I'd rather to use slider and have longer zone with high precission within flight envelope. I still don't give up maximum deflection which is used very rarely and no precission is needed there. You will see difference if you will compare below pictures of slider to off with my previous picture.
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