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  1. Thank you. Great job! But I get "strange fence square patterns " in some places?
  2. Well that's how “Central position trimmer mode” works with pedals. I don't have to keep it twisted all the time.
  3. It also decelerates very slowly in VTOL when landing with 82 degrees - nozzles, even with full forward nozzles it's hard to slow down. Can't be right to take out 82 deg. nozzles before the 90 in CASE 1, otherwise you overfly the hoover-spot, when manual states doing it in the groove?
  4. That's the way it is in RL, you only get distance no bearing to the tanker, just like "yardstick".
  5. F-18, if you press "sequence" on the HSI MAP, the F10 generated WP's will disappear.
  6. What's the name for the "Landing light on/off" switch in the "Controls" assignments?...I can't find it.
  7. HSI course knob is very slow. Unnecessarily time consuming when flying a heli. Please make it spin faster, like in the Mi-8.
  8. How would he determine which program/interval/series to use? IMO this needs to be determined by a human, not AI who don't even know the mission goals & tactics OP +1000 it's crucial in MP!
  9. Yeah the controls bindings are messy, Pilot & Gunner control-assignments are put together in "Mi-24p Sim". There are no 2 separate cockpits controls like in the F-14. We need 2 separate cockpit controls, I've run out of joy buttons already.
  10. Congratulations ED to a well done job! The Mi-24 is so far awesome.
  11. It's awesome, after testing it for 2 days (14d trail) I liked it & bought it today. Petro is very nice, attacking with the Hind is a blast, FM has character! Can't wait for further development features. Congratulations ED to a very good release!
  12. Pros: The AP will hold the heading you're on when you release the trim-button. Good for "straight forward heading-hold" flight. Cons: Not so good in hover, slow-flight, flying sideways etc. Since you'll fight the AP YAW commanded heading. I prefer to fly with YAW-AP off. That way it behaves like the Mi-8 & Uh-1.
  13. CCIP works OK with S-5/8 & guns on my end. S-24 I cant get ccip. Just make sure you select the pre-made weapon-loadouts. Don't put things on the hardpoints yourself.
  14. Hey Mike I don't experience any hook-skips when fast/slow? Can you take a look? Great job with the "burble"!. (I thought it was better to start a new topic.) I
  15. DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations 06-16-2021 NEW: Hook Physics Added physics based hook model. Hook will skip now if landing too fast. Hook will shear off when arresting with excess kinetic energy. Hook no longer clips through ground. (Spectators and RIO may notice some clipping due to network lag.) Added collision shell to hook. Hook can now be damaged by gunfire or explosions and detach from the aircraft. Added spark effects and hook break sounds. Hey HB & thank you for the new patch & especially the work on the new Hook Physics! However. I did allot of Case1 test traps today & didn't experience any hook-skips when fast/slow. The only new thing was the "burble" (good job btw.!) but the trap-physics was the same as before the patch. I could be slow/fast & no hook-skips. So I deliberately did 6 very fast traps with AOA ≈+5-9 & I trapped every time? Can you look into this or is it still WIP? As you can see I'm way to fast, the "E" bracket is on the top of the Hud & AOA +8 units, way below the required +15 units.
  16. Very nice & handy tool! For F-18 what elevation does it use on WPs? (set value MSL/AGL, random, 0?).
  17. Why buy it when you can try it for free for 14 days?...then you decide.
  18. Have watched the 3 DCS Mi-24 Wags videos & I find the mirrors rotor-flickering & brightness quite disturbing. Will it be possible to tilt the mirrors down/up, left/right so I don't have to see the rotor in them & eliminate the flickering? (I know I can turn them on/off.) Those pics suggests it's possible? but I dunno if ED thought of this?
  19. Excellent business decision ED . Transparent & honest "try before you buy", can't get any better than this!
  20. Привет, Можете ли вы сказать мне, почему на Ми-24 используется искусственный горизонт "западного типа", а не более распространенный "русский" искусственный горизонт, как на Ми-8? Спасибо. (Извините за мой русский, я использую гугл переводчик)
  21. Before preorder I want to see all the weapons employment. How AI Petrovich functions, his "anti-tank" skills, how switching seats works in SP. How multi-crew works & the gunners periscope sight user functionality. Then I'll decide.
  22. No S##t Sherlock! maybe you don't know what deliberate means? Maybe you can show me how to land in a 50kt cross-wind? Why y'all over-analyzing what was done before "over the threshold"? It's a fighter-jet not a 747 with "stable approach criteria". It's a fighter-jet, you get it down how the hell you feel like for test-purposes. ....it's what happens after touch-down when landing "hard", the bounce, that is unrealistic! Either the whole landing-gear should collapse & you could bounce a little, but not like a freaking football 10m up in the air! Thanks for all the "landing" advice's but I had the 21 since release, & it's the module I have most hours in..... 1:st track, 21 landing in 50kt cross-wind with max turbulence. 2:nd short-field landing at heliport. Analyze this! or better, put up a track. mig21 land 50kt 3 .trk mig21 land heliport .trk
  23. I was in the cockpit all the time, when I watched the track I went to F2, dunno why it came out like that... Definitely something wrong with suspension IMO. It was between 4-10% fuel in ME as I tested different fuel-loads, no way 40%!, 3rd landing was deliberate chute-before-touch-down to check suspension. Reread my post again, as this was a quick suspension test, not a check-ride including perfect traffic-patterns etc. It's what happening after a little "hard" landing that is disturbing, the "strange bounce", if you're doing perfect landings all the time you never going to notice it. You've got to be testpilots. Re-watch my video above & this & tell me why you don't see any bounces??? Former FM during touch-down was spot on IMO, the 21 has beefy landing-gear, it was build for landings on unprepared strips & "hard" landings. Currently it behaves like a 737.
  24. RL pilot gets a loadsheet from ground-crew saying exactly how many Liters it's in his 21 & he signs it. It's not pilots responsibility to refuel the aircraft, he's not standing there counting the Liters, now is he? It's ground-crew's responsibility! Bottom line is he has a paper saying exactly the amount of fuel in his 21 & we don't have this in DCS Mig-21....how realistic is that?
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