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  1. Thank you "Joey" The mission is for DCS Beta. I only have DCS, the mission does not work with me.
  2. Hello "joey45" thank you for the answer, I installed HERMES in the right directory and the clock of DCS is well selected. But HERMES is not visible in the mission creator. In DCS encyclopedia, I have the texts of both versions but the images are black. Maybe there are files missing in your .zip ?
  3. Hi there, today i just downloaded the HERMES here, https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3324686/ but after installation in DCS The aircraft carrier does not appear in the mission builder. can you confirm me the way of installation, and if the ship is well in the country Great britain. Thanks in advance
  4. Then ! you will have to re-open the paint shop! Alors là ! vous allez devoir ré-ouvrir l'atelier de peinture !
  5. Hello brothers, Great cockpit!!!! I drive and have fun like crazy But I noticed that the 11F-32 skin has lost the markings and roundels. Thank you again for this great work !
  6. Hello "dimitriov" The day after the 30th anniversary of Operation DAGUET, would it be possible to have VABs, AMX30s, AMX10s, 120 mortars, etc., sand camouflage colors with the identification sign " /\" typical to this operation ? Thanks in advance, and thank you again for this great Addon
  7. Thanks for your reply friends
  8. Hello, can you tell me the exact path to install this mod. thank you in advance
  9. Great MOD BlackHawk Pilots !!!! I have several photos in operation (Afghanistan 2008-2009), the pilots are in sand suits with bulletproof vests and camouflage bags. the camouflage and "pixel" version rather green. US flag and 101st Airborne patches are low visibility. The gunners are in "pixel" camouflage traills If it can help to get closer to reality. Thank you again for this great work.
  10. You have to install the mod. Then create a path by following the instructions: https://github.com/asherao/DCS-DTC-Mission-Planning-Software Restart the scenario then click on the location of the cartridge and it appears.
  11. SUPER and EXTRAORDINARY Now I won't get lost !!!! Excellent work, the M2000 is even more real
  12. EXTRAORDINAIRE MERCI encore "Sushy" et aussi à "Marroux" et "Urbi"
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