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  1. Good day its time for a stupid question!! Does the separate A-10A module integrate with DCS world ? I ask this because FC3 does not. And being out of sim due to hardware problem being a long time i would like to reaclimate myself with something lighter before taking on the A10C again! Thanks!!!
  2. After many month and seeking a reasonable amount and waiting for the grease to come (only in 3kg pack here in Brazil - E-bay saves!) I finally did it and it seems to have made a big diference... Dismantling and rebuilding is not hard.. just observe and take care and all will be fine.
  3. Well thats a business model.. a classic one. There s no sweet way to tell what comes below, sorry. But i think you exclude most of the people who have read affordable, all the people who were going modular, and all the people interested in only some instruments because they don t want a "pure" 1 only airframe cockpit. 10.000K anyway is the price of most cockpit out there, and the price of a harley. I hope i m not offending by stating things as they are, i really wish you good luck. I ll go the longer way DIY, even with way lower quality stuff and assembling.
  4. OH OK, i had looked on your site but it still at same waiting state :)
  5. Solution like the rift are over hyped for more complex simulators like DCS offer. Solution like the rift are in no way new and not much succefull. 1) Brain problem. Many people get motion sickness up to vomit, bieng dizzy and desoriented, this is not vented of course. But brain coordinate movement feedback + body position with our internal natural artificial horizon (AH) located in the ears. When you get drunk and uncoordinated its because brain isn t capable to process what the AH tell it quick enought due to alcohol messed the stuff up. So imagine cutting it totally, movement but no AH feedback at all, thats why people get sick. Some people get used to it others not at all, some are immune. Good test: backseat of a car, look up to the sky while car is speeding, is you get dizzy after some time, chences are you ll get sick. 2) Occulus rift doen t let you see external. Unless you totally master your hotas in all situation you ll fumble and probably get in trouble, miss target etc... If you need keyboard... forget it. 3)no Tactille feedback, unless someone create a 3d space grid way better than kinect (apple did it 100 times better than blocky kinect, but its not enought) + IR or other solution glove. You dont want to screw your flight by switching the wrong switch on the way to the other one or trigger someothing while adkusting body ache, pull the eject handle while your funbling for the beer can or trying to scratch your balls. And anyway nothing more satisfyng than flipping a switch, a button on a cockpit self made, no matter how shitty it looks. How interesting such device would be for the market ? not soon i can teel you. 4) Resolution still need a way, but that will probably be fixed first. You don t want to fly with ingame googles on most of the time. Occulus rift is good for races, hawks, racing sims, ROF like, maybe Sturmovik because all command will be on the HOTAS, assuming you have a good one, some action games, some RPG... Things have to work a way before it get good for us.
  6. Nice work. Went you go big screen 3 screen doesn t make much sense with track ir unles maybe you go 3 big screen but its too system taxing for few result. As for the slider, it s a good idea. I see you are left handed as me, altought i use the right hand for mouse. Isn t the trackball too high to be confortable for long sessions, working or playing other games ? Actually i was thinking of rail + hinge so the tble would get vertical and slide down so the mouse table would disapear. it would save lateral space, but i don t know if this solution exist (havent found it where i live anyway. Nice job on the cockpit.
  7. Awesome, i guess you have no price list of components yet...
  8. You re really the first guy to do this feat !!!! Many have tryed and until now all had fallen, nice to know someone arise. I always had found the saiteks stuff interesting but the company extremely lazy assed. Depending of what you can do this could maybe a nice "replacement" for real deal stuff (living outside US) and working in tandem with GADROC program it could be very nice becuase you could have more space onto your monitor. (this could interest FLIM also) What have you achieved ? And what do you think you can achieve ? Very interested.
  9. Fully restored.... I wouldn t bet on pulling for real the ejector handle...you probably got a roof above you!!
  10. I wishThrustmaster would stop being a bunch of ****ers and released some grips, so far the removable grip is SO Useless.
  11. SU 27 throttle ? Totally interested. The sit will be too expansive for me to import.
  12. GLider UK do you have a web page with product prices ?
  13. Damn i was a bit (a lot away) and now i find this awesome thread. Well i hope to have news when you start selling. I live in Brasil and CNC and other stuff are absolutely scarse and/or proibitive in price. I would love to buy ready stuff from time to time to have a nice cockpit. not aiming at a total realism, but something that can marry my warthong in quality and usefullness for space flight sims (WW2, Modern and Space)
  14. Mods ? Wich mods ??? Good to see you back Flim, when will we have picture on your site?
  15. Even reforming my pit and will try to degrease and regrease it best HOTAS i ever had. CH -> Cougar - > Warthog. I miss the ergonomy of the Cougar throttle, but that ain t Warthog fault.
  16. This seem interesting. I dont know how it will pair with Occulus Rift. But it seem promising at least with track IR.
  17. I havent reached this state...Lucky you. Wouldn t some kind of zoom fit your need ? Problem with small screen is that, independent of resolution, without a zooming feature, its hard to cram all the info in a legible way with little pixels.
  18. He never payed real money, its just he passed THOUSANDS OF HOURS playing. Since the price of the ship in ingame currency is equivalent to XX hours of free game and those XX hours cost X USD, the ship is worth an equivalent of 9K. Now, ok the company is quite healthy, and i m Happy with it. We need more succefull companies delivering good game. OBS: i never played EVE myself its not my cut of tea, but i saw people playing and the game seem very well made. OBS2: If you had some kind of penalty maybe we would be less suicidals ? :)
  19. Messed up ? I thought those were the intents of the game ? Like ultimate goal to have stuff like this happening, those are the real fuel of the game.
  20. Yeah if you have a custom, and customize it, i guess its even more expansive than skydiving. I wish i had the same ressources in my country as you guys have.
  21. As for worm talking about the sun, i was there a bit before you maybe, in the 90, i almost bought a device, but was lucky to be able to test it first, and resolution wasn t really the problem. Even with ef2000 and simpler hotas of that time it wasn t really working. 20 years after and we are still there, at the same point. As about how it work i saw some videos exposing it, nothing new here, just more of the same more advanced, henceforth same issues. Anyone using it for flamming cliff 3 for example, X-series, Evochron, A10c ? Guess not, and YET is far, especially with a functional cockpit As i sayd "low requirement games", should have worded low IRL "ambience", which racing fall under, a wheel and 3 pedals. HL2 is a low tier FPS in device demand, don t need much but a multi button mouse + arrows. I would be surprise if your able to play it with multi comunication channels, multi options weaponry like Arma3 were you need much more commands. Althought some devices conjunction could dampen the problem like "complex" Throttle + Mouse . Haters gonna hate, fanboys gonna lick it keeping it shinny...:music_whistling: I m not a hater, it just the fact its a scheme that has still too many constraints with no simple way to deal with, at least for more demanding sims, or peole that already have some kind ofcockpit mockup...
  22. Oculus imho is much overhyped. Just because it has better res, it still bring a lot of issues. As for now it has merely the same use that its low res grampas. The issues at hand are the sames at 10 to 15 years ago. You can t see your real cockpit environment -Hotas, keyboard, Pannel, MFD, re-center key etc - be it 100% cocpit like or not. For FPS your aim ain t the ingame aim, moving is a chore because of the lack or your real environment awareness. The only that will profit, are VR environment people, military/police environment training shooters maybe, 3d 360 movies, and "low player requirement games", like Matio bross race, basicly WII and Kinect based games. And this will stay so until we have some serious tactile gloves with full environment setting, or a plug in the brain making us believe so. Because even a fully 3d mapped environmente will be a chore to config and map. If devices as voice activations are a pain, imagine a full 3d environment... any unintended movement and you will trip over your virtual invisible buttons. So i m not even close to consider it, cause i ve seen this hype in the 90, in the Y2k, and now in Y201K. The resolution, and movement head tracking are the least of the problems, and nobody has a solution for them. Much faster than that will come flex monitors allied to extremely powerfull GFX cards able to support a 360 dome. Those will make the Occulus rift and its kind mostly obsolete as you will be able to stand inside a cockpit, administrate mucj better fps even with, why not, a mockup weapon to point at targets, and have much more fluid and natural reactions than what you would have with occulus rift kind of device.
  23. This sim was a kickass fot its time!!!
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