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  1. How many base stations are needed? Since you would be sitting down and basically not moving, would a single station, mounted above the monitor in front of you be sufficient? I can imagine if you have to turn your head and look down, say at the panels beside your seat, it might be an issue. Also controllers, I assume a single one is fine, just for working with the Vr menu. I never use my controllers while flying.
  2. Yours are still a long way off. Chances are, you won't be getting yours until next year. They're just finishing of FireCat's list and haven't even started on the web preorders. I've preordered in November and still haven't received any notification yet. I'm hoping I get mine this year.
  3. PointCTRL seems to be a good solution. Unfortunately, there is a LOOOONG waitlist for it. I placed a pre-order last November, and don't expect it to arrive until this fall at the earliest.
  4. Interesting article on using DCS with VR to train actual A-10 pilots. They don't mention it in the article, but the top picture sure looks like they are using the PointCTRL as well. Too bad, it would have been a nice shout out and free advertising. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40620/a-10-warthog-pilots-are-using-the-digital-combat-simulator-video-game-to-train-in-vr
  5. You don't need software to determine if you have V.3 since it has two threaded holes already.
  6. It's in the manual. There is also a diagram with the names and button numbers, as a PDF that I think is part of the TARGET software. Edit: Not sure if this is allowed (technically it's Thrustmaster copyrighted material), but here are the diagrams. warthog diagram.pdf
  7. I've never had an issue with head tracking on my G2.
  8. Not sure how this is any better than PointCTRL?
  9. Sure, it's a tech demo. But even a 1.5 to 2x increase would be fantastic. I'm sure many people would upgrade their video cards for that (assuming any were available).
  10. My spam folder didn’t contain anything. Guess it means my pre-order didn’t go through.
  11. Do we get any confirmation that our pre-order form went through successfully? Because I never received any.
  12. Have you tried other VR apps? It could be an issue with just DCS, maybe one of the settings.
  13. It shouldn’t. Mine is set up for seated and I have no problems leaning forward.
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