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  1. ПОЧЕМУ САМОЛЕТ НЕ РАЗВИВАЮТ? Я понимаю, инфы нету или её мало, но хоть что-то могли бы добавить, 7 лет прошло, воз и ныне там. По сравнению с другими модулями чувствуешь себя бомжом на каком-то аркадном самолетике из River Raid. А ведь всё началось с фланкера, в итоге фланкер в ж***! Непорядочек, ЕД-team.
  2. Please, move FOV limits from the server.lua file to the user view files. Integrity check of the most servers just block any changes of server.lua and do forced load of default one. Or maybe the time to do some option to restrict the angle limits from the options menu, it would be fine twice.
  3. I realized that how it's great to have a custom crosshair at DCS World, because of your feel of center significantly increase. you can look and zoom more directly and it is really matters. But not much monitors have such an option. Looking forward of adding some stuff like that and maybe some more advanced indication that take you more feel about aircraft position and directions when u look at the side. Yes I know about mini ILS in options, but it is forcedly off at the servers and not centered so it is a little not that.
  4. No no, I mean that thing. it is a very usable indication for me, I do very much things from the keyboard and mouse, but I'm a little tired to do ctrl+enter all the time. So maybe there is a solution.
  5. Hi! What should I do to keep it on all the time? autoexec? some .lua change? thx
  6. prok

    No icon

    Hi devs. Slightly annoying when the DCS has not it's own picture at radeon profile lists because of no connection between dcs.exe and it's icon.
  7. The microstutters with a certain period testify that your hard disk gonna die. DCS doing a little precashe allways, no matters how much RAM do you have, even if you have 64GB it is still reading something form the drive. To reduce the suffering, you can disable the swap file on the disk where the DCS installed. (well this is not the way to disable reading but at least the way to disable writing which happens too)
  8. You gonna buy more outdated ddr3 memory but it will not help you at all, because 2gb of video memory not suitable for this sim, you need to have at least 4gb even to play at low settings without constant freeze accidents and frame loss. maybe will be better to collect some money and start to buy at least in parts the modern ddr4 based gear and 8gb videocard. The secondary market just crowded by the stuff. I can say exactly that ryzen 1600x not realy much worse than ryzen 3600x for your targets, so u can save too much money but catch up the target and be happy to play with pleasure. But again do not do any dead end actions like the money waste for ddr3 trash or trying to shove an high end videocard to your antique motherboard.Good luck with this stuff man u can do it.
  9. Well I am the rare simer so maybe this little bug already got a solution but this is what i noticed: When I start DCS the first time in a day, it has 40-50 frames as constant and the sim works bad because of frames lack. if I minimize the DCS (well not minimize, just switching by Alt+Tab to another stuff or via opening radeon software) and re-switch to DCS again - it has 165 hz (the limit that equals with my monitor refresh rate) and the sim works very fluid and smooth like it must to do. I know that it shouldn't be like this, a high FPS should be immediately without dancing with a tambourine. Solved. Seems like 2d menu automatically reduces fps to standard 60. When the mission loaded it is going up to maximum. It seemed to me that this does not always happen and fps getting stuck at 60 but now ok.
  10. I had the same bad experience with the loading time, especially at the connection to the servers (it could last more than 10 minutes, and then completely freeze). The problem been solved by enabling the system managed swap file at the Virtual Memory options for ALL the drives (before that, it was enabled for the system disk only). Now the connection to 104th server took four minutes only and less than two minutes the second time reconnection, at the high graphics settings i guess it is pretty well. I hope it will help for the someone else.
  11. Есть такое, но должно решаться ручной синхронизацией самого фритрека, типа вот так?
  12. Это неважно, кто как будет использовать сглаживание. Тема не об этом. В том числе нигде небыло призывов ставить пониженное разрешение, это личное дело каждого, очень жаль что вы не общаетесь по теме. На уровне тезисов я вашу мысль понял. У вас происходит синхронизация на 60 - отлично, у меня не происходит ни в одной игре. показывает 63, за то отлично синхронизируется на 71 и 75. Жду отзывы реальных испытателей.
  13. На родном разрешении лесенка настолько незначительна, что АА можно не использовать, в некоторых играх это даже актуально, т.к. делает динамические объекты более резкими, или же не ставить значение более 2х. Разницу между 2х и 4х увидеть будет практически невозможно. В DCS лучше ставить всегда из-за некоторых особенностей. Например видны инверсии лучше. Но это уже особенность отдельно взятой игры.
  14. NVIDIA Control Panel > display > change resolution или AMD Catalyst control center > desktop management > desktop properties смотря что за карта используется
  15. У тебя работает, у кого-то не работает. Как раз для этого он и создан, используется на пониженных разрешениях. На родном разрешении его вообще можно не использовать, или не ставить более 2х. Я думаю тебе нужно это делать, особенно если учесть, что ты даже незнаешь назначение антиалиасинга.
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