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  1. Its been a blast so far, we have a great time on the team.
  2. Active duty for 9 years now, currently serving with the USAF Thunerbirds
  3. If your are feeling good about basic handling and take-off/landings, I would move on to the A10 training, while reading the manual so you have an idea of what you need to know while flying the mission, let the training track run all the way and then fly it yourself. If you still want help with some simple missions, let me know what you are looking for and I will gladly help you out, there is alot of good advie for you in this thread as well. Merlin
  4. Very nice. let me know if you need help hosting it, I have a completley empty server right now.
  5. Nice video, Looks like its gonna big time.
  6. yea, just drop into the A10 folder and have at it.
  7. man that sucks, looks like you cought a "fatal attraction" hope the lamer crawls away and never comes back
  8. Hi, and welcome. You will need to make your own practice mission, Go to "mission Editor" that will bring you up to the map editor, Click "OK" at the bottom right of the screen to keep the current coalitions. Now on the top left of your screen you will see "ADD NEW" with icons below it, click on the plane then drag your mouse over the map and place it on a runway. Now on the right side of the screen you can choose what type of plane you want and your route. pick any of the planes you like, ***make you you select "Player" on the SKILL tab. go down to "TYPE" and select Takeoff". then click fly and you can practice all you want. or you can download this mission that I just made up and use it. copy it to your mission folder in your lock on directory. http://www.lomacfiles.com/practice.mis
  9. Go make your own sim then, quit ranting over stuff that none of us have a say in.
  10. well, The only way to insure everyone knows about HL is to advertise it on the product itself, That would be up to ED/publisher i guess, maybe they could, I know flanker used to ship with Roger Wilco.
  11. Its weird how some pleople have trouble with patches and some dont, I have not had any trouble with the patches so far, but i know alot have, it seems some people almost have to do the "dance" to get there patches working right. I guess its just one of those simming things :)
  12. Hi all I have completed another lomac site, this one will be featuring Black Shark. The site is open and ready for use.....just as soon as the sim is released :icon_supe Black Shark site
  13. Thanks for all the info ED! Cant wait for Black Shark and then the F-16
  14. crap! well, heres my specs, maybe we can all compare our rigs NForce 2 Ultra 400 K7N2 Delta AthlonXP 2400 Nvidia 5700 Ultra 128meg 71.89 Forceware 1 gig 2700ddr SoundBlaster 5.1 X-Gamer Sprint DSL.static IP 3meg down/1meg up X45 latest software suite Windows 2000 Pro SP 4
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