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  1. I had been switching the ECM switch to "XMIT" via Capt Zeen's Helios Profile. I noticed the physical switch in the cockpit wasn't moving when I moved it via Helios. If I use the cockpit switch, it works.
  2. Agreed guys. In the track above the Su locks me up and hits me with a R-27ER. I expected the jammer to turn on once the Su locked me up.
  3. I have never been able to get the ASPJ to jam. I'm flying the current open beta, but this has been an issue for me since the feature was introduced. I was hoping someone could tell me what step I'm missing. My ECM switch is set to X-MIT. The OSB label at T1 on my EW page says "ASPJ XMIT", but I have never seen "JAMMER ON" on my AA Radar page, regardless of what threat is engaging me. I've attached a track of just myself, an E-2, and a SU-27. The SU is about 80 miles out, co-altitude. We merge until the SU nails me with a R-27ER. I'm ignorant as to how jamming is modeled within DCS, but I assume the SU-27 radar freq is within the range of the Hornet's jammer. Appreciate your time. JammerTest.trk
  4. I get it, just doing the Hornet's Syria Free Flight Instant Action mission. Both myself and the AI wingman have it. No changes to the mission were made. ModexTest.trk
  5. If you like, you can get rid of the two red, green, blue, RGB's from either edge of the topstrip. They are a sim'ism that's pre first flight, when the simulators had rear lit projectors. It was a quick way to know if we lost a particular color. I know they're in a lot of simulator videos out there, but not on the jet.
  6. Thank you. I'm going to start playing with Helios this weekend.
  7. I'm building a generic pit with two monitors, one for heads up and one for heads down. The heads down monitor will be incased within MDF, similar to how RomeoKilo did his here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/englis...omeokilo-s-pit I've been playing with exporting things to my heads down monitor, and I can export the MFD's and the IFEI of the Hornet just via the lines in the indicator's _init.lua. I've exported the Hornet's RWR this way, and I see the same issues others have posted about here. My question is, if I want to export the RWR and some of the other Hornet gauges, such as the Altimeter and the Artificial Horizon, is using Helios my best route? I've just started reading about Helios, and I wasn't sure if I could use it to export and position individual gauges/displays, if I made my own profile? Am I better off doing everything via Helios, MFD's included? My plan was to drive both monitors from one computer, but I understand if I use only Helios, I could drive my heads down from a second box, if I need the extra horse power. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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