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  1. Hi folks. Are the "Community Campaigns" on the Liberation Github page compatible with 5.2? Say, a campaign that is for 5.0? Or earlier? Thanks.
  2. Tell it Simba! Their whole front panel for the Hornet looks great but not if I only get 10 fps using SimmApp to run it. Too bad.
  3. Hey pal, I been wondering....seems like the rig you had was very cool. Why you starting over? Just to incorporate the chair? No disrespect but curious. Thanks.
  4. Boy, a sim pilot's work is never done. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hey folks. Great app. Wondering why my auto updater looks like this when I try to update. Don't think it's working. Thanks.
  6. It puts a big hit on my frame rates too. Had to stop running it. Hope they fix it. I don't use VR.
  7. Thanks for your reply daemon. Some documentation would be helpful. How do you find out what all the "DO_xxxx" commands are? Great add on though. Lotta fun.
  8. This is great. So, we can have only one flight at a time? Once the flight lands or is destroyed then we can create another? Do you have to create another 'DO_TAKEOFF' and 'DO_RP'? Or, is the original ones good for the duration of the mission? Thanks.
  9. Ahhhh...good to know df. Thanks. Loving your missions. Great for training. The MEP is pretty neat also.
  10. Yeah, thanks. I knew that but it seems like if you pick a unit from the unit list, it doesn't work. At least not that I can see. You have to click on the unit icon on the map. Kinda hard to do for carrier flights as stuff is all stacked up. Anyway, then ctrl c and ctrl v. Thanks for your time.
  11. Hi folks. I want to add another FA-18 flight on the carrier by copying the existing one and pasting into the mission. I can't seem to figure out how to paste it into the mission. Help? Thanks.
  12. Hey sthompson, thanks for your reply. Got me pretty much straightened out. Good deal.
  13. You mean somewhere besides 'Keywords Collection--AI Communications"? So, to build new profile--go to Reset tab in Configuration and check 'Profile' box and reset? Or 'Keywords'? Or both? Thanks.
  14. No. Recently purchased Real ATC and cannot update keywords. Very strange. Why would it say "spoken phrase anvil already exists in this profile" when everythings been deleted?! Can't figure it out. Need help. Thanks.
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