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  1. Ad.1 NCTR works only in STT and nose or tail aspect so that radar can see either compressor or turbine blades of the enemies jet engine. Ad.2 Effective range depends on many aspects, including speed, altitude, aspect and type of manouvering of both you and the enemy. If you are both low, fast and enemy is running away from you, 8nm might be a border line of effective shot. The other way around, if you are high, fast and he is rushing towards you... than even 25-28 nm shot might force him to defend.
  2. Wroblowaty

    Auto AAR

    That is the reason of your problems. Tensioned muscles cause you to overcorrect and induce oscillations which get bigger with each subsequent overreaction driving you finally to break connection with the basket as with big tension it is very hard to make small and smooth inputs. You need to force your muscles to relax on both stick and throttle, and do it even several times during whole procedure. I still tend to tension up unwillingly sometimes during refueling and that is when it gets harder to stay in position, but faster i react by relaxing, the faster everything becomes easier to control.
  3. It does not matter that you have dropped other stores. You need to de-select them on stores page, and than select gun. Otherwise its just like rob10 said - you are in gun hot mode, but with gun bore sight only, no CCIP.
  4. Have you tried to TDC depress while designating target with ATFLIR?
  5. You can force CCIP mode with target designated. I am not sure if it is possible in real life, but in DCS after designating target with TPOD, just go to stores page, and force bomb delivery mode to CCIP. You will retain designation diamond and get your CCIP symbology back on the HUD. But just as Swift said - no point in doing so. If you have designation, use AUTO, its more accurate.
  6. Looks like its almost spot on besides low altitude, where difference is more than 25%. Perhaps it could be tuned as well.
  7. So both topics: SLAM being not precise and SLAM being pinpoint precise are marked "correct as is" ?
  8. On Engine DDI page (SUPT/ENG) you will find "INLET TEMP" row indicating temperature at engine intake. While you are airborne and your pitot heat switch is in AUTO position, pitot, static and AoA probes heating will be automatically on, unless there is a malfuncion of WoW system. For engine heat, as Foka said, you do not need to put it on unless you receive INLET ICE caution or you are about to climb through icing conditions.
  9. Interesting is, why there are gaps between 44000 and 45000 and between 48000 and 49000. Like when you are at 44600. You are not less then 44000 but not 45000 yet...
  10. I fly on X-56 and its really fine for me. In last of your videos you have full left rudder input all the time. Check if your throttle was not automatically assigned to rudder or other axis. Also check axis assignments across all controllers you have. I have seen such things happen in DCS. I also experienced some ghost inputs in the beginning, but plugging stick and throttle directly to PC USB ports and other less demanding stuff to USB hub with external power solved it once and for all. Flying with FCS page open or controller diagram enabled would help to see what is going on.
  11. Similar issue during start up with ground power and CATM-9. After engine start using external air supply, the AIM9 tone kicks in. I have to cycle A/A mode button to make it stop. My procedure: 1. BATT > ON 2. Fire test > A and B 3. Request ground power 4. Ground power switch > RESET 5. Ground power switch 1 and 2 > B 6. DDI's, HUD, AMPCD > ON 7. Air supply > Connect, than apply 8. ENG crank > Right 9. Right throttle > IDLE When engine stabilizes on idle rpm-s the AIM9 tone kicks in. I will try to make a short track later on.
  12. Well i hate to bring it up, but during air to air refueling one of above mentioned airplanes sticks its "thing" into a hole, while its air force friends hole is being penetrated by somebody's else stick... Thinking of that i can't help but to recall this meme:
  13. I am not sure if it was not already requested but: - 3D trigger zones (spheres, cylinders, cuboids) with possibility to modify their radius/height and be able to define their lower and upper altitude. For example, cuboid starting at 1000ft up to 10000ft (AMSL or AGL) or sphere with radius of 20nm with its center at 0ft AGL.
  14. And maybe ED could also think about implementing pylon-mounted direction and ranegfinding receiver as in the summary section of this article: http://www.ausairpower.net/API-AGM-88-HARM.html From reading it, it looks like it was even tested on F/A-18 A variants. Just a question if it was later on used in field on our variant as well.
  15. After first press of MODE button you enter "Service mode", second press gets you to time and date settings. However i do not know any details regarding service mode functions.
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