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  1. Just curious, why there's been no comments on this thread in ~2 years, especially considering the negative changes (depending on perspective. IMO they are negative) to the F14B flight model the past ~6 months.
  2. IDK for me it's infuriating the module that I flew 98% of the time the past year and a half because it was so fun and badass performance-wise in relation to other DCS fighter modules is now very much the opposite. Flying the F14B with the flight model the way it's been since the 11/23/2020 update is miserably insufferable-but what's more aggravating is the fact it's been a known issue for ~2-3 months-I decided to step back from DCS and go fullturboautismo playing racing sims. It would have been one thing if the issue had been fixed in a timely manner, but it seems in DCS things usually remain broken for months to years. Also, super funny IMO, just from the extreme irony of it. I had posted something in a DCS "Stable" thread that the F14B FM was broken in OB saying ED shouldn't push the potato F14B FM OB build to DCS "Stable" because "Stable" was the only remaining bastion of F14B FM not being miserably insufferable. Literally the next day, ED pushed the potato F14B FM OB build to DCS "Stable". So I guess screw my life. Then I try to tell HB I'm unequivocally getting my eyeballs gouged out/head kicked in 99/100 times at BFM in the F14B in ways I've never been since the F14B was released so the FM seems broken and they want to see some kind of a data chart/table with algorithmic functions proving my statement like I've got a double Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics. Bruh, you guys are the experienced engineers, right? Seems like HB demanding a lot from someone like me which the DCS community has unanimously regarded for years as an inferior incompetent imbecile/ignoramus.
  3. Tinfoil hat time... It's like the F14B flight model in DCS just hits a wall where the EM chart drops off/flatlines/describes no further performance data because of the 6.5G soft limit that the Navy imposed on all F14's in the real world to extend airframe life which the pilot situationally chose whether or not to comply with every time he pulled on the stick even though the F14B was capable of higher sustained G and turn rates at slower speeds than is stated in the EM chart I've seen circulating in this thread because that USN mandated G limit to preserve airframe life.
  4. Yeah true, but rolling back to an old version from 6 months or a year ago isn't going to work so well for playing on multiplayer servers.
  5. Is it too much to ask that OB build 58125 and 59398 not be pushed to DCS stable version? If those builds are pushed to DCS stable, there will be no way to fly an F14B that doesn't have a broken flight model for at least a month, if not longer. I've already spent a month waiting(since 11/24/20) for the F14B FM fix on OB, so I'm not too keen on waiting for another month or longer.
  6. No one made fun of me this year, at least if they did the posts were removed/hidden. But last year, I was mocked and the joke of the community for quite a long time until it was determined that thread was a excrement display and deleted by the admin. Although it was due last year, because-based on the citations supporting the accuracy of the F14B FM I was shown within that HBF14B thread last fall which have conveniently become very hard to find or totally vaporized into thin air-as far as I can tell I was misinformed and very very wrong. But again it is funny, in a painfully ironic way, that the past month I've said in a new but relatively identical themed F14 forum thread the F14B flight model feels like it's significantly underperforming compared to the past year then I essentially get the same negative responses from forum members in the new F14 thread despite the fact I'm making a poor attempt in trying to say what seemed to be the cohesive, unified, and unanimous opinion of those dudes who were highly critical of me last fall who had pointed out how wrong I was with-as far as I could tell-detailed official and scholarly citations posted in the old deleted F14B thread that have conveniently or inconveniently depending on how you look at it become very hard to find. IDK if that's making sense or not. Maybe I'm not being articulate enough to convey what I'm trying to say.
  7. It's funny in a painfully ironic way because it's like I'm being gaslighted by the community, or the very least the dudes in the DCS F14 threads. I got all irrational salty and had a REEEE about HB F14B Tomcat performance in a Tomcat thread last fall 2019 because I was very aggro about getting clapped in the FA18 by F14Bs on the reg. That post of mine seemed to get almost unanimous response from the DCS Tomcat community saying how accurate the flight model was at that point, and this was all supported by what seemed very official and sound charts and documentation. IIRC the thread went on for 20-30 pages of dudes making fun of me and refuting my unfounded inaccurate claims. Now a year later, I'm trying to use these same arguments which were used last fall to refute my unfounded claims of the F14B flight model in 2019-albeit in maybe much more thickskulled manner because I'm trying to do it without the charts and siting of official documentation which as disappeared due to those posts being removed from the forum or individual users taking them down- and dudes are losing their minds again about how wrong, stupid and irrational I am.
  8. I think it was clearly pointed out how crappy my description of what I suspected was a still an issue with the B flight model, and stated HB needed some kind of clearly outlined description of the issue using statistical/performance data from flight recording software etc. The main issues with this process for me is: 1) I don't know what it was supposed to be for the real F14B 2) any official F14B documentation or charts describing its IRL performance characteristics have some how become very hard for me to find the past month despite them being common place, easy to find, and readily available when all these dudes wanted to show my how I was superduper wrong and what a tool I was last year following me REEEEEing in a Tomcat thread about getting clapped in 1v1 guns bfm on the reg in the FA18 by F14Bs .
  9. Where'd all those dudes-seemed like the whole community bearing down on me- that materialized out of nowhere last year to spam "The F14 could sustain 7G at ~330kts. The Hornet could only sustain 5.2 at ~ the same speed." when I was salty and REEEing about getting clapped on the reg by F14B's 1v1 guns.
  10. For all I know, when I flew the F14B over the past year, it could have really been an F22 flight model and I'd never have known the difference. All I'd be able to do is say afterflying it is "mang dis don turnt gud no mo" and look and tacview and be like "mang dayt honet is geddin 23 degrees a seccid an I'm only geddin 17. dayt not gud maff" now it just seems like I'm playing "three shells and a pea" with the bad ass flight model in DCS fighter modules.
  11. Isn't one area of review the SME's you consult go over is if the sim feels right? So they verify flight model performance to some degree based on feel as well, correct? And IMO, saying it handles like a 40 ton F-5E is pretty descriptive. Hop in an clean F-5E and 1v1 gun fight a clean hornet flown by a human that's halfway competent at BFM, then just adjust the AC weight of the F-5E to 50,000 or 60000lbs with the proportional adjustment to TWR to match the F-5E and voila, you have the current F14B flight model
  12. Details, stats and metrics never mattered before. I gave you those based on tacviews I reviewed from before and after. You just straight up told me I was wrong and never did X or Y metric it was actually W or Z. so what's the point. but honestly, how would I know what's accurate or not. seems like everything is pretty dynamic and somebody's always behind the scense yanking away on strings connected to whatever my controls are in a server.
  13. It's like HB subtracted(or whatever mathematical function that is)the lift from the pancake, doubled the wing loading, and cut the TWR in half. The F14B flight model now is half the flight model it used to be.
  14. I hope to see lots of F-14A content over the next few weeks as far as streaming/videos/guides. My gaming PC decided to start having issues and I had to send it in to get the issue diagnosed/repaired because I'm such a poor pleb I don't have 100% fully functional spare hardware laying around to troubleshoot the issue. So hopefully there's lots of dudes posting F-14A content the next few months etc.
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