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  1. We don't talk about the T model that only two dozen were ever made and only a half dozen ever saw service.... In the Ethiopian military.
  2. Yeah I know the SD-12 well and the JF-17. Which is one of the top three modules out there.
  3. I retested last night from a drop at 5kft AGL, 2.5kft AGL at a speed between 350kts to 400kts IAS. Both times I was within the manuals perimeters and the bomblets exploded in reverse order last bomb to first. Each getting further from the target. At 2.5kft the distance was 500m from target out to 900m with a 40m spread. Don't believe me try it for yourself.
  4. CCIP is pretty much the same on every aircraft in DCS. I can drop mk20 rockeyes off a F-18 in CCIP and they hit where the pip is or at least close. Same for the Harrier... And the MiG-29, Su-27/33 J-11a, and Su-25T. CCRP is pretty much level bombing. Even when I retested at below 10kft with a shallow dive to line up the target the bombs still went the opposite direction.
  5. Hodo

    Mir. F1 Bomb Load?

    Don't fly Mirages much? The 2000C carries 8-9 bombs pretty easily. Desault loves putting bombs on Mirages.
  6. Last night I decided to do some air to ground work with the Mirage. I was able to use mk82 slicks without any issue and found they were a little more accurate. I was hitting truck groups from 18kft. But when I went to use the BLG-66 cluster bombs I did a 30deg dive on target and released at 10kft... The bombs not only fell way short but also they exploded in reverse... The bombs almost looked like they flew backwards at the ground missing my target by a good mile. Same target as with the slicks, same approach direction same weather same aircraft no change other than landing and rearming while running.
  7. So the current redfor fox 3 is at best a 1980s missile when faced against newer mid and late 90s fox 3 western missiles. Is there any plans to update the missile?
  8. The current FC3 aircraft have very dated cockpits at this point and look pretty rough compared to newer models. Has does ED have plans to update them to bring them up to the same level of looks? I am not asking for a clickable cockpit just updated textures and looks. Some of the gauges are very hard to read even on high settings.
  9. I would love a Su-17/22 and the MiG-23/27. I don't think the Su-25A high fidelity will be possible due to the same reasons we don't have a high fidelity 29A.
  10. A J-10 would be great. But I would also be happy with any 80-90s Plaaf aircraft at this point.
  11. Any update on the cockpit for the J-11A? I do enjoy flying this aircraft but it is not much better or worse than the Su-27/33 right now.
  12. Ok perfect same feature as the Tomcat. That is nice. If only the range was a little better. But it is still the fastest missile.
  13. So does this mean the 530D will have more realistic range? Instead of giving us a shoot cue at 8nm? And does this make the 530D a semi fox 3?
  14. Sorry you feel that way. But did they post their resources? It is quite simple if the AGM-88 was able to be fired from stations 4 and 6 then they would use the same stations to utilize Amraams.
  15. After doing a fair bit of research, I cannot find one real life example of a F-16C Block 50 ever firing a AGM-88 from pylons 4 or 6. I can't even find one manual that shows it was even possible. I understand this is a game but if we are going to do fantasy why not let the MiG-29S use vikrs or laser guided bombs. Or let the F-14 use jdams?
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