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  1. Ever consider making a UH-1Y Venom? That's something that would be great to have.
  2. Is there a way to make liveries for your ships? For example the USS Bowen is a Knox class FF, and lots of those were built.
  3. Any possibility of making the P-39 flyable @Markindel?
  4. Would be really nice if we had someone who could make liveries for these ships, like maybe a USS Knox livery for the USS Bowen mod, and some liveries that show different levels of wear. Great stuff Admiral Sir!
  5. Now it doesn't even show up for me in DCS 2.7.9. I do have C++ libraries installed, does no good.
  6. That would be nice. IDK though. I'm sure we'll have plenty of appropriate escorts for them by the time the Admiral is finished though! Love his ship mods, they just about keep my YT channel in business sometimes!
  7. That makes more sense, guess there's no way to have 2 speed limits depending on depth.
  8. Why can the Los Angeles mod only go 20 knots? It's top speed is classified, but i'm sure it's faster than that. Reports place it anywhere from 30 to 37 knots.
  9. Of course it's a Flight 2 boat, I was just pointing out that the number didn't match.
  10. The problem is that SSN-688 is a Flight 1 boat, not a Flight 2, and the 688i is another name for Flight 3, Flight 2 boats were referred to as VLS boats. What the Admiral has given us is clearly a Flight 2 boat, but yet he mistakenly called it a Flight 3 (688i) and at the same time called it a Flight 1 (USS Los Angeles). So basically the sail number and the name that it shows up as in DCS are wrong, just minor things.
  11. Have you ever made any weapons for these ship mods? I'm curious because it would make them a lot more realistic if you could. The USS Constellation mod is a perfect example, it uses Harpoons instead of Naval Strike Missiles. I also have a couple of issues with your Los Angeles class submarine mod. It has the sail number 688 and shows up in game as "USS Los Angeles 688i", but that isn't correct. USS Los Angeles was the lead ship of the class, and wasn't a 688i boat (the 688i boats have their forward dive planes on the upper hull rather than on the sail), and it didn't have the VLS tubes either (SSN-719 USS Providence was the first VLS boat). Shouldn't be difficult to fix, just details that don't line up with the real-life subs. This is what a 688i looks like. No dive planes on the sail, but retains the VLS tubes from the Flight II (VLS) boats. Also for some reason when I take control of the 688 in Combined Arms it has an invisible 25mm autocannon, like an M2 Bradley.
  12. Would love this! Would probably add Skipjack and Tang-class submarines too, and maybe November, Victor, and Echo subs.
  13. Yes it's in there, I don't know why it refuses to work. I might try repairing DCS and see if that fixes it. I don't have the Huey module though.
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