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  1. I've plugged into every USB port on the motherboard as well as the front IO of my PC case, No luck. However just plugged into a desktop Mac and it lit up just like normal. I also plugged it into a windows laptop and it said it was unrecognized.
  2. Yesterday, I started my PC everything was normal, opened DCS, and as I was waiting for DCS to load up I noticed that my warthog throttle had no lights on. I looked in the DCS controls menu and my warthog stick was present but my warthog throttle was nowhere to be found. I tried re-installing drivers but no luck, showed up as unrecognized in windows USB menu. I read up on some common issues with the PCB so I opened it up just to look around and blew some air on it and put it back together. As soon as I plugged it back in, IT WORKED! I flew around and it was completely fine. This morning I powered on my PC and it flashed the 5 dotted lights, which it has been doing since, and every once in a while the backlit LEDs will flash upon PC startup. I'm pretty sure I'm SOL and need a new PCB but just wanted some insight/tips. Thanks
  3. Hi All! Quick question/thought. Are there any skinners up to the task of making more Christmas skins for the tomcat? There is a VF-103 Pack with a Santa bones skin and there was a limited release VF-31 Santa-cat skin. I saw a VF-211 Christmas themed bird the other day and was wondering if anyone would be up to the task of making it? I know this is certainly a lot to ask but I am not a skinner myself so I rely on others to make awesome Tomcat skins. Thanks!
  4. JackPinMV

    A-7 Mod

    SWEET! carrier deck diversity !! if anyone has liveries that would be cool too!
  5. would you consider doing a group fund for the good model/ find a non oriskany model?
  6. After the 2.7 update there was a tiny update like a day later
  7. did the static tomcat wings weep problem get solved in the latest hotfix? my tomcats are on the deck and still look like they have no wings
  8. Can't seem to find them, hopefully someone could share a google drive link to them?
  9. Yes this was on the FAQ and has checked his spam.
  10. Hello all, my friend is trying to create a DCS account so he can login to the sim and play but upon clicking register on the account creation page does not receive an email with an authorization link despite doing all the troubleshooting on the FAQ page, any suggestions? He is using an iCloud email if that makes any difference.
  11. Ah, I did not realize this. That would definitely be a much larger undertaking than I thought. Maybe some day we will get models for more carriers in the class and different classes as well.
  12. Hello all! I myself am certainly not one to create, however I am curious if it is possible to create skins for the US carriers. I.E. make a USS Nimitz or Vinson skin for The Roosevelt to add more variety to the ships. I understand this would be purely aesthetic because there are differences between the Roosevelt subclass and other Nimitz Carriers but nonetheless would be interesting. If at all possible if anyone would undergo the task that would likely be much appreciated by the community and mission makers alike.
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