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  1. There's a template mission in caucasus where you'll have all the new stuff. I'd suggest you load that, join as spectator and then use F2 or F9 to switch between units. So you have enough time to look at the content of the pack. You'll find the Supercarrier missions under Hornet in Missions. They you make a own mission with the included american carriers and again switch around to see the differences. It's a quite good package all in all.
  2. Hello, I want to get into aerobatics a little bit I already tried with the free plane. Now I want a aerobatics aircraft. Which should I take? Christen Eagle, Yak or better a Warbird? Thank you, Carsten
  3. Hello, I am trying this in the free flight and it feels a bit off. And I believe the navi is not right and it pulls to the sides? Someone made a list here what was missing and bugged but I can't find it now? Could you perhaps give me a link or say it again? MfG Carsten
  4. Hello, Most is in the title already. Sorry for the noob question I hope it's in the right place. I startet learning BFM with the Hornet and pulled many Gs. But I never noticed any damage from overstressing. Is this not moddeled right or did I just not pull enough? I also tried with the free propeller plane where it should be easier.
  5. This looks just like mine. It's even worse when it happens on airbourne start. I tried but now that I want it it will not come. As I have one I make bug report.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one. But didn't see it any more since my last post.
  7. Not yet, but it only happens very rarely. Edit : I'll try to get a screenshot, maybe I should make a bug report but not sure where
  8. The daylight. It burns out everything. Even if I turn the gamma full down, I see nothing. With a restart it's normal again.
  9. Hi Hornet Pilots, Sometimes when I start my flight in the hornet the light is extreme bright. Then when I start new everything is normal again. Or sometimes else, it's the other way. I fail sth, restart and LIGHT. Is that a failure with my settings or what is that?
  10. Hello! I'm new to the forum and DCS. Getting started with F-18, Supercarrier and PG map. Mostly here for reading, but I might ask a question or two. Cheers, Carsten.
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