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  1. I had the same thing happen whey I first tried this mission. On my 2nd attempt I just flew around the carrier a bit to wait for my wingman to take off. Once he was airborne I proceeded to WP1 and he followed me. Mission went on without any further issues. It's a great mission too!
  2. Kick the rudder shortly before touchdown to get the plane in line with the runway. Crosswind landings are one of my favorite things in DCS
  3. If you own the F14, Heatblur added a mini campaign for this map with the last patch.
  4. Yeah, I tried LGB attacks against tanks again today and it worked. Not sure what the issue was when I tried it yesterday.
  5. I have the same issue, only for me it’s not limited to bombing buildings or limited to a certain map. None of my LGBs that are dropped on targets (i.e. tanks, buildings) hit anymore when I use the F14 no matter what map I’m on. A couple months ago I spent lots of time using LGBs with Jester and never had an issue hitting targets reliably.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion! Will definitely give this a try.
  7. The problem I have with my G2 is not new but in the last few months it happens on a regular basis: When using the G2 for DCS I sometimes get the issue that the picture in the headset is not stable but moves around without me moving my head. I can fix the issue by clearing the WMR environment data. In the past I had to do this about twice a month but recently I pretty much need to do it every day in order to get rid of the unstable/swimming picture. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and if yes are there any ways to avoid constantly having to delete the environment data?
  8. For me the texture pop in on this map is way worse than on other maps with the same settings. Especially buildings pop in very late which is pretty distracting…
  9. My VR experience on this map: 95% of the map runs fine performance wise but any larger settlement tanks the frame rate hard so that I'm often below the 30fps target for OpenXR MR...not a good experience. The settlements on this map are far smaller than the cities on the Syria map but the performance is far worse. However, when Syria was released the VR performance was pretty bad and Ugra improved it significantly since then, so I'm hoping that Razbam will also be able to improve the performance on this map in the coming months...
  10. In my opinion Heatblur got ACLS working really well now. Always had trouble with the system during the last few months but the last patch did the trick. What I noticed is that the ACLS system now also takes control of the inner and outer spoilers which not only works well but also looks great.
  11. This should really be patched via hotfix. A/A Tacan is a crucial part of this game and needs to be fixed asap.
  12. ACLS in the Tomcat was actually working for me before the last patch came out. Now, ACLS steers me right in the back of the boat every time. Maybe ED changed something to make it work for the F18 but accidentally broke it for the Tomcat
  13. Same for me. I play in VR only and this campaign is unplayable for me due to bad performance. First paid campaign I had this issue with.
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