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  1. The F-15C is considered to have a professional flight model (Highest Fidelity) and is very accurate, especially when slick. It currently has demonstrable stores drag issues in the transonic acceleration regime, however, which could affect climb performance, but I wouldn't expect it to be that dramatic that a hornet could outclimb it
  2. Now this is contrary to what I've heard from F-15 pilots, at least for something as simple as increasing or decreasing level speed, but I can't prove it for sure
  3. the APG-63 for the F-15 was underperforming. The thread for that bug was recently locked. In the latest patch I notice no increase in detection range however my F-15 wingman is reporting contacts at 150 miles and seemingly beyond. I think ED touched the Eagle's radar but made a mistake somewhere.
  4. Which is the PTC trying to hold steady, the aircraft nose or the velocity vector? because it is doing neither
  5. Let me know if you watched the video I added. If the jet is holding 1g the flight path should not change as it does
  6. If you want to go deeper into the F-15 control inaccuracies, the jet will pitch up or down based on whether the AOA is increasing or decreasing. That is to say, the velocity vector and the aircraft datum (nose) will gravitate towards each other under acceleration, and away from each other under deceleration. The F-15's CAS should hold the datum steady under those conditions. It has been this way since LOMAC iirc. f15pitchcasbug01.trk
  7. Might set Razbam back ANOTHER 5 years...
  8. They exist for a reason
  9. Not to get sidetracked with the exploits of the A and C eagles, but here: https://theaviationgeekclub.com/operation-wooden-leg-f-15-baz-fighters-became-bombers-performed-longest-air-strike-iaf-history/ Basically the E exists because of the success of the D in the strike role (and israel's much greater imagination than the USAF)
  10. Not really. depending on the era, the F-15C is fully bomb-capable, but RAZBAM wouldn't model it "because the USAF doesn't do it" as seen in this thread. Nevermind if say Israel has done it in combat on numerous occasions. Also, an F-15E without CFTs is as mentioned earlier, a different animal still to a light-grey bird. Heavier but more powerful with stronger wings
  11. hilarious although I think a D model would be closer
  12. You say I am conflating different things?
  13. this is an extremely silly game to play...how many times has an f-16 gone head to head with 5 su-27s while carrying a single amraam on the right wing? There is a business argument to be made both ways. They've weighed and measured it in favor of not modeling the jet without CFTs, and probably that is the financially sound choice, however if it made business sense to do so I'm sure they would (ie if it was certain to double sales, or similar). Ultimately it is a product, and a video game, and it all comes back to the green
  14. And I say you drastically underestimate how many people want or would want such a thing. Especially after the first Growling Sidewinder or whoever video demonstrated just how powerful the unencumbered airframe is.
  15. I remember in FC2 there was a little mod that would make the cursor follow the primary bugged contact, like the real jet does, would be nice to have that function again
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