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  1. Just had a sour experience in an MP server where I managed to hit an enemy AI Apache with 2 Vikhr missiles but it carried on flying and was combat effective enough to then shoot me down with a Hellfire in 1 shot. This seems fairly reproducible if you set up a simple 1v1 mission with the player in the Kamov and an AI in the Apache. I'm no expert on weapon damage but I doubt the Apache should eat 2 ATGMs and still be airborne. Seen the same thing happen with Hinds also. Seen when firing head on.
  2. Can confirm, issue still present as described in original post.
  3. I understand why the CCIP isn't working, my point was that it is being explained in detail by the instructor when it isn't actually available to see - it would make more sense if you had to fly at 200 ft alt instead so that the player could actually see what is being described. The way the instructor talks implies that you should be able to see the reticule when you cannot because of the reasons you've both described.
  4. Just going through tutorials to relearn the A10. On the training for gun and rockets you are required to climb and level out at 6000 ft, at which point you change to CCIP mode and the instructor talks through the HUD target pipper/aimpoint. The problem is that at 6000 you don't get a CCIP solution and so the aim pipper/circle is not there for you to see while the instructor explains it. The two 'dumb' reticules can still be seen when asked to cycle through them. The CCIP reticules will show when nose down and heading towards the target as normal.
  5. I also landed away from the helipad (although without further damage) but only scored 60 - was I supposed to make it to the helipad for a better score? I had no dialogue when I did land but couldn't operate the heli any more.
  6. I just completed mission 12 and hit a few bugs. First, it seems there's an issue with NVG on moonless nights since 2.7 - I've seen it reported elsewhere on this forum where NVGs give no benefit when the moon isn't present - all of the terrain just remains completely black. I saw this issue on the earlier night mission where you fly to the cruiser. I managed to fly the mission but used the powerful headlights instead! The other issue is that the Su24 group that taxis collides with the fuel truck in front of the player and destroys it. The Su24 group then cannot proceed with their taxi as they are blocked by several Il-76 large aircraft. Later in the mission when you come to land, a few Il76s take off but the Su24s are still stuck behind other Il76s. This also means the Su27s are blocked. I landed in the parking area 6 but got no further dialogue or mission complete note. I assume you are supposed to land after other aircraft have taken off, but I was unable. I quit the mission and got enough points to continue.
  7. I completed this mission today and had similar issues regarding messages. As soon as the mission started I was getting subtitles for one of the later tasks. I continued with the mission, got hit slightly by AAA on the first task but nothing crucial and was told task 1 was complete and that I should continue. I completed task 2 successfully and got messages to continue. I successfully avoided the jet in task 3 but got a weird comment about having lost the jet but the pilot says don't worry. I continued to the target range and was briefed about firing rockets at the targets. I expended all rockets without a hit (I'm bad with rockets, especially at 3km!), used the radio to report task completed and was told to RTB. I landed and parked up in bay 6 but never got any more dialogue and never saw the mission complete text. I passed the mission but not a great score (perhaps around 70-80). As mentioned, there were a few instances throughout the mission where subtitles appeared relating to other tasks that I wasn't currently working on, although the subtitles were not accompanied by voice lines.
  8. Hi, I was fairly sure I did turn it on but I might have rushed and not put it on before engines. I just completed the mission but I did have the gearbox chip light on for most of it, although it could have been due to me being rough when lifting the cargo. I initially expected a scripted failure because the briefing mentions a concern with the fuel quality.
  9. Hi, me again! I started mission 9 and started flying with the cargo, but I noticed a light on the pilot's dash warning of chips in the gearbox oil. I know that when you see this you must land immediately, so I lowered the cargo to the ground and then set the heli down afterwards. While landing, my crew reported a left engine failure but I was already down safe. I shut down the heli but nothing else triggered. When I quit the mission I got score 0 - looks like I missed a trigger and perhaps landed too early.
  10. Thanks for the compliment but I think it was luck more than anything. It was good that my crew told me the height I need to be at when dropping off the cargo - that was definitely helpful. I did think about reducing fuel but I was fairly low when I finished, so I don't think I could get away with reducing much of it. I always put the heater on while in these Arctic missions - do you know if the heater reduces engine power?
  11. I tried again and managed to finish the mission but still had problems. I tried very slow collective increases when picking up the cargo but it just wouldn't lift up - I ended up dragging the crate around the yard until I got some translational lift! Dropping the cargo off was also difficult as I couldn't keep my altitude, so I had to 'run in' and perfectly stop above the platform while slowly descending, meanwhile trying not to gen fail. Do you have any general advice for heavy sling loads? I imagine there's something I could do which would make it easy, especially since you said you managed to take off in to a hover.
  12. Thanks for checking. I'm on stable so I'll give it another go with your advice before I wait for the fix.
  13. Thanks for taking a look but there's still a possibility that it's something I'm doing wrong. Let me know how you get on.
  14. I just tried starting mission 8 and attached the cargo, but it seems I just don't have the power to lift it off the ground. Usually I'd disable anti-icing but it doesn't seem like a great idea given the environment. I know there was a bug recently where cargo didn't have any weight that has since been fixed. Once I get tension on the rope I just can't lift anymore and any further increase in collective causes gen fails.
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