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  1. That pretty much sums it up. It feels completely off and at first thought my TMS up stopped working. Glad I am not the only one who noticed this.
  2. Thanks, Never thought that placing units or objects on top of each other would be a thing.
  3. My compliments to you guys. I am not a programmer but I'm able to do some cool stuff. I'll bet this tool will create a new avenue for creative souls to design missions. One thing I would really like is the ability to spawn units, as per spawn zone, at a random position within that zone.
  4. I scanned the big one, as per RTFM guideline Just that I don't understand the difference between the stated synonyms. Also I placed empty templates in the source to randomize if the statics are there or not. Sometimes it's so simple.
  5. Whats the difference between: in? spawn? f? clone? In a clone zone attribute And I've set up a bunch of static clones on a airfield. Is there any way to randomize that in the attributes of the zones? In stead of using flags?
  6. Did this: This is what came out... What am I doing wrong? EDIT: only happens with statics. dynamic appear normally
  7. I am trying to spawn a static RNLAF C-130 with the following attributes. A couple of things are not going as I intend. First of all the C-130 spawns without the flag being set to 1. It has the wrong heading (still north) and is not Dutch (still USAF). What am I doing wrong?
  8. F-16 HOTAS with DMS beats AH-64 cursor. Furthermore I prefer the TGP operation over TADS. Except maybe LMC. The other way around sight select and acquisition source always work the same way. Same as waypoint and target creation, just lase and store. DMS-ing (down) through the acquisition sources would also rock.
  9. Bind the IFF-IN button. If HSD is not SOI, long press IFF-IN for data (zap) SOI (TGP/RDR/HAD). If HSD is SOI, long press IFF-IN for data (zap) steerpoint (the one active in DED).
  10. Yes, carbon copied Wags YT video. Did it with AI wingman as well as in MP. EDIT: I think I found it. In the YT video Wags mentions comm switch to the right long to send steerpoint. When sending SOI he mentions comm switch inboard long. I interpreted that as SOI - IFF IN and STPT - IFF OUT, while actually both are IFF IN. Only differentiator being HSD as SOI to send steerpoints. Clarification in the text below the YT video where sending SOI as well as STPT are described as comm switch long right.
  11. It seems so simple but I can't get it to work. Sending SOI works, at least I see the L16 video invert. But sending steerpoints somehow doesn't. I copied every step in Wags YT but nada. Double checked keybind, corresponds with IFF out afaik. What do you different?
  12. Isn't that a markpoint and technically not s SPI by itself?
  13. I too only got the inboard to work. Are you able to alter the L16 table to exclude other players?
  14. Only via DTC, or could it be fat fingered in via the ICP irl?
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