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  1. I have updated the file so that the GUI now is limited to a large portion of the center of the screen.
  2. Here is a workable though far from perfect monitor .lua file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3stkwH7wi3FdHFYC7_Ryez67tSkMSM7/view?usp=sharing Drop it in the DCS/Config/MonitorSetup folder Start DCS Choose the G9 monitor under settings DCS restarts There are several issues with this solution, I know. A lot of effects will not look good: Water effects make vertical lines (I think this is because the effect assumes the next pixel outside of the screen i is black). <- ED can probably alleviate this in the shader. Clouds renders unevenly between "cameras". Sun glare renders unevenly between "cameras". Shading renders unevenly between "cameras". There is not a reverse "barrel projection" effect. <- will work on minimizing this. Even with all that, the feel is a lot more natural and the distance to objects is now the same how ever you look at it. Will update with further improvements when I make them. Any documentation of the syntax would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Doing some further research it is clear that the only way to truly fix this issue is a version of what is done for VR. That is to render a super sample and distort that into your native resolution. Sparing that I am trying to get a decent result out of reshade.me which is a cool software but no level of math or algorithm can get the sharpness needed to distort the perspective correctly and keep the cockpit sharp enough for a good experience. Reshade can't force or trick a higher resolution from the system and down sample to the native resolution. I desperation I am trying to distort the 3 monitor setup (or more) with reshade hoping to loose less sharpness.
  4. So, I have been messing around with this and if you choose 3 monitors in setup you can clearly see that the rendering engine is completely capable of compensating for the G9 curve. The problem is that the 3 monitor setup gives artifacts where the monitor joints would be.
  5. Hi Some of us have been getting the Samsung G9 screen which is great in many ways but presents a new problem. Becuse the rendering engine of nearly every 3D game assumes a flat screen the edges are streteched to compensate for this. But the G9 has the same eye to screen distance across the entire screen. So you get a "pin cushion" or "fish eye" effect that quite severly effects your perception of distance. It would be great if we could compensate for this in game. As I have to do post processing now (reshade.me) and loose a lot of fidelity in the center of the display due to scaling.
  6. No harm done. I found another thread for a guy with the same issue. He figured out that there was a "ghost" assignment of rudder to the stick that did not show anywhere. Clearing it in input controlls fixed it. I will try this later, but I also just received an update so mabye it fixed.
  7. When flying Viggen in multiplayer (single works fine) the rudder pedals in the cockpit are fully depressed to the left. This showed up with the latest open beta installed yesterday. Temporary workaround is to not connect my joystick until I am in the cockpit. Setup: Home built PC Win10 Latest open beta DCS X56 Throttle useing Joystick Gremlin Virpil mongoose T50 cm2 no twist. My guess is that in multi the game assumes the stick has a twist axis and assigns to the rudder with the value of zero. Rctrl + Enter doesn't show this though. I will try to add som screen shots later.
  8. This could use a lot of refinement in the long term, but a simple implementation quickly would be great. My first thought would be that the pointer would stay fixed when you look away until you move the mouse. It would then snap to the closest edge of the screen or the center.
  9. Please add an option to have the cursor relative to the cockpit instead of the view of the pilot. This way it is much easier to hit the right button for VR and head tracking users. Much more emersive as well. Thanks for a great game.
  10. I too would like an alternative damper!
  11. I assume you guys know this already but anyways. There are real Draken pilots manning the simulator at the F-10 fight museum. They don't have to much to do right now with the pandemic and generally love talking about there aircraft.
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