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  1. at this timestamp you can also see the co pilots gunsight that he uses for the GSh-30K and rockets
  2. In the hind walk-around vid the owner of the hind said the Russians designed the gun so that it could take american rounds if needed. Not sure how credible that is for a source but personally I think he knows his stuff since he owns one lol
  3. Jazz

    Skins wishlist

    That's a real shame to hear, hopefully they can put out some more stuff in the meantime until release for it
  4. Jazz

    Skins wishlist

    I would really like to see the classic white United Nations livery for the hind, something about it just makes it so badass
  5. With the addition of the new Mi-24P coming soon along with the AH-64D and OH-58 Kiowa, I was thinking about the current state of the ground based AI in DCS at the moment. Currently the majority of targets that you engage are static and are placed in a manner that looks very "staged" for lack of a better word. This for me personally feels very unsatisfying and can get old quite quickly. I would like to be targeting enemies that have some form of Intelligence and realism factor, comparable to ones you may engage whilst in real life operations. An example of this could be Infantry AI perceiving an airborne threat and reacting appropriately by moving to cover or into nearby vehicles etc. I hope there will be some form of improvements in this regard as I do believe the current asset behaviour is ancient and needs desperate rework. It doesn't have to be something crazy but enough to make the players feel challenged and have a close to true experience of what it may be like in ground attack operations. @BIGNEWY @Wags @PilotMi8 I welcome your thoughts on this topic as well
  6. Im trying to figure out how to use the Magic missiles on the SEM, cant get them to work
  7. The rocket dispersion is determined by the speed of the helicopter, if your going fast there wil be minimal spread, whereas if your slow the spread will be much greater. There is decent dispersion in DCS at the moment, they might tinker with it later on, who knows. Howevever I agree that the smoke effects do need work, but one thing to remember is that weather conditions effect the look of the smoke. So you might see a certain colour ploom of smoke emmiting from the rockets in a video, whereas that might not be accurate for such case in another climate.
  8. Hey, can someone please explain how to use the missiles in this mod? It said I needed the Rafale pack for all of the weapons to work so I got that but nothings changed. As its using the Mig 29 pit and HUD, there is no AA mode, and only really the AG works dropping bombs and using the guns. I noticed If I turn radar on in AG mode I get this "ETS" symbology. However trying to use the lock for a target with that doesnt work? Any help is appreciated, cheers
  9. Yeah I cant remember for the life of me where I heard or saw it that they do store weapons in the back of the chopper. I wish I could find it, part of me feels it was from the Interview the Russian developer did with another streamer and it came up in converstaion, although I may be wrong. Could've been from another video etc. I did find this https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/row/mi-24.htm, It may not be the most credible site to source the information from but it hints that It was an actual thing.
  10. IIRC I heard that the Mi24 often had weapons stored in the back section of the helicopter to be able to rearm away from base and FARPS. I would love to see this in DCS as it could create an interesting dynamic for players.
  11. +1 for this, Roadbasing would be amazing to have
  12. Hey, just curious if you have ever considered putting mods like the A4 Skyhawk on the server? This would ofcourse be once the airframe has had its EFM upgrade and handles more accurately and reasonable. I think it would be a great addition to the server and could contribute greatly to specific roles such as SEAD with the anti radiation and air to ground capabilities it carries. This could present certain difficulties to implement such content in the server. Everyone would have to have the mod downloaded and the correct version, aswell as making sure everyone knows what mod to get and how to get it etc. This raises the question of the possiblity of maybe a second Cold War server with mods enabled (similar to what Aerobatics Online has done). This is just a thought, and I think many could apprectiate it aswell. Would be awesome to see a PvP server with these bad boys in action. -Jazz
  13. Hey there, This might be slightly off topic, however I feel this is something that needs to be raised for the benefit of the CW community. As an Australian I can pretty much only play if I wish to wreck my sleep schedule and jump on the server around 3-6am for peak time traffic. This obviously makes it fustrating as I want to play with others but it would be at a compromise for my sanity and sleep cycle. I have seen many fellow Australians and New Zealanders on the server during its peak times and even when its not so populated, so I know it isnt just me. I was thinking that If you were to make a discord for the server specifically, (like many other servers have done) It would be a good way to get into effective communication with others to show that there is intrest in playing at a specific time that may suit both parties. For example this could be done via a Nationality or Timezone role where people can "@" a role and alert members. Not only would it provide a benefit in these regards, but aswell as bringing all the pilots even closer and tightning up the community! Just some food for thought, Jazz
  14. Hey mate, the link you have given for the download doesnt work. It just says files not found. Is this mod still available?
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