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  1. like any light and manoverable helo it just takes a bit of getting normalized too
  2. with the release of the Ah-64 and the Mi-24 already having been out for a while its high time for some more insurgent units, i know pick up's are wip but i feel as, if we just get pick ups it will be the same as it is now, lighting up the same few unit types over and over again in different places, the following is a list with images of potential insurgent units fixed mounted manned machine guns and ATGM's, several variants of machine guns and ATGM's could be included, ie both western and eastern types kill dozers armoured bulldozers have been used by insurgent groups for a while now, some are low tech plate steel welded on a bull dozer and some are higher tech with things like cage Armor artillery there is a lot you can do for artillery, every thing from diggers with barrel bomb launcher's on the end, hidden MLRS to just your average S-8 pick up up armoured military vehicle's some times insurgent groups just up Armor older vehicle's, ie this BMP-1 and this T-55 A/A missile SAM's its been seen may times that insurgent's and even military's just attach A/A missiles to vehicle's and use them as short range SAMS ie this Serbian one parted out military vehicle's, an easy way to build a fighting vehicle's is to pull working parts off a broken ones, ie this BMP-1 turret on the back of a pick up, there are many such examples of this, wielded Armor technical's, many insurgent groups wield Armor onto pickups, busses, trucks and the like, some times adding machine guns, ATGM's and triple-A there are many more such examples and types of insurgent decrials but i think i have covered all the main ones, this isn't a direct "i want these vehicle's" but more of a here are some example's of potential vehicle's i think should at some point be added, adding said vehicle's or vehicle's similar would greatly improve the verity of vehicle's seen in DCS missions
  3. IRL rocket pods usually have large flames coming out of the back when rockets are being fried, in DCS this is not the case, in real life you can not see the flame of the S-5 when out of the pod, in DCS you can also the smoke is to dense/visible on the S-5 as for the S-8 the smoke is not as dark as it should be and again the flame is missing although a visible flame at the rear of the rocket is realistic EDIT: after the apache update the rockets are some what better but the same issues still mostly persist pictured a MiG-21 firing S-5/UB-16 rockets, the smoke should be less visible and the flame should be invisible
  4. yep, helo gang, could probably get the L-39 in there
  5. an updated version of this with more images, there is a Syrian/Russian helo base missing, its on the west coast of Syria, it hosts Mi-24, Mi-8 and some Ka-27's its at N E elev ~64m this image was from 2016 (around when our map is set) the base sits 6.50km 338 degrees north of Basel Al Assad what it looks like in dcs, (i added the grey to show the outline of the base) some images that as far as i can tell are from the base
  6. this is the gunner seat, left of the pilot,
  7. +1, also here is a taste of the weapons
  8. the Ka-29 helix is sort of a mix of the Ka-50 and Mi-8, it can attack light and medium targets and also carry cargo or do CSAR, the weapons it can carry include an internal GShG-7.62 external Shipunov 2A42 (30MM) (same as BMP-2), S-8 and Strum-v / Ataka | max ATGM's = 8 and S-5 it can also carry UPK (unlike our Mi-24) has an internal bay for troops and small cargo its cruse speed is 235km and a range of 460km, its empty is 5.5t and max is 12.6t, it can carry 16 men or an internal payload of around 3t and external payload of 4t it also has 1 or 2 internal fans depending on the version id say the Ka-29 would be a great addition to the helo line up, it can carry the weapons of a Mi-24, carry the troops and cargo of a Mi-8 (for the most part) and has the rotor and gun of a Ka-50, its kind of like a hornet, jack of all trades master of none.
  9. +1 the L-39's p break was a mouse wheel action but they changed it to click and drag, i prefer mouse wheel
  10. there is a whole Helo base missing from Syria map, its probably run by Russia although i cant tell, its at"N"E it sits 6.50km 338 degrees north of Bassel Al Assad, this is it in 2016 (around when our Syria map is set) it hosts mainly Mi-8 but also some Ka-27's (maybe?) and some Mi-24's.
  11. as we have the Marianas map its only fitting we get a ground pounder from that part of WW2, i say the TBF or M avenger its the heaviest single engine aircraft in WW2, equiped with an assortment of weapons it was used to sink ships and strafe, bomb or rocket any thing that moved, you could argue that 3-4 crew is to much but as the plane is only flown by one id argue that there is nothing wrong with the amount of crew also the top turret can be an AI gunner. i think the TBF/M would fit nicely among the F-4U as a ground attack plane from the pacific and Atlantic personally i think we should get an early model for the 12.7mm's but i think picking the model is up to what is available
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