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  1. So they should fire too if emergency jettison is pressed? Or should it fire only if it’s selective jettison?
  2. It's dependant, as it shows the marshal stack parameters
  3. The weapons don't detach from the pylon despite they're selected on the selective jettison panel. jettison.trk
  4. Looks strange. Maybe post it in the bug section?
  5. But the problem is that it’s possible to enter a negative value, as Shiroka says
  6. Ok, also I found yesterday that it sometimes makes warning signal during start, it’s exactly the landing gear signal, not “roll left” and others.
  7. While starting up the aircraft, after the right engine's RPM is 65 the landing gear flashes for a second. As far as I know it shouldn't be like that. Found it after the latest patch. landing handle.trk
  8. When you turn on TACAN Link-16 turns on too. You can see that from other reports, but they thinks that Datalinks doesn't work without TACAN, but the issue is as I described. Found it in multiplayer, track is short but the size is pretty big https://disk.yandex.ru/d/cShtJFMRb_4dQA
  9. Here you can see the instruction that is given in the manual. Despite the thing that I skip the second paragraph I can still get image, you can check it in the track
  10. Here is the track. Please ask the team to check if it is correct behaviour or not. TDC.trk
  11. While taxing on the runway I presse NWS button and the target was designated despite the A/A mode hadn't been selected. Track isn't long but the size is pretty big because It was caught in the multiplayer. Just scroll until the moment where I move to the runway. https://disk.yandex.ru/d/dobt262vhpSSMg
  12. Also there was an issue reported that you can get the image from the released weapon even If it wasn't synchronized
  13. While being on the ground I pressed the undesignate button and got the lock on the aircraft ahead. Can't give a track because the file size is too big even for a 10 second replay. Got this issue in a multiplayer
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