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  1. Hi, I have just read this and find it most interesting. I too have been fighting to get my controls adjusted properly. I find in say max power continues setting I have the nose trim up one not notch just top stop the nose dropping as soon a I let the stick go. I spend almost as much time faffing around with control settings as I do flying. Doc
  2. Well done draconus, that worked a treat m8. Thx very much Doc.
  3. Hi guy's, no luck ! Tried what you said it won't let me change the load out !!! I've looked at tutorials etc but I can't find a way to do it. Cheers Doc.
  4. Hi all, there doesn't seem to be a way to put bombs on the spit in mission editor, although it carries them in the Epsom campaign. Does any one have a work around ? Cheers Doc.
  5. Thx, that will get me started ! Cheers Doc.
  6. Hi all, I have Tackview installed on DCS as a module, but don't know a thing about how to open run or use it ! Any help would be truly appreciated. Doc.
  7. Hi LeCuvier, thanks for your reply. This issue is now sorted, it was me not setting it up properly, I usually put a solved up on my posts as soon as they are resolved, I missed this one ! Sorry and thx again. Doc62.
  8. I guess it will become second nature eventually. Thx again. Doc
  9. Thx razo+r, with all the other stuff to do you need to press a button to check your fuel ! Thx m8.
  10. Hi guys, I know you can have different feeds for fuel from various tanks. When you have only top and main tank, my gauge reads 0 gal unless I press the button by the gauge. I would assume when the top tank is empty and the feed is from the main tank you should then get a true tank level on the gauge. But on prolonged flights I have run out of fuel due to the gauge saying tank full unless I press the button for a true reading. Am I missing a trick is there something else I should be doing or switching over. Thx Doc62.
  11. Hi draconus, I've got it sorted m8. Thx for the reply, appreciated m8 ! Doc62.
  12. Hi guys, I have just got the P-51 Bodney campaign, steam addition. It has installed and shows in my library, but it doesn't show up in my assets module and I can't find a way to load or fly it. Any ideas would be most welcome. Thx Doc.
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