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  1. Nothing to do with the discussion here. The turbulence is fine and to be honest, between 22-36 ft/s is significant... My post (I speak for myself only) was about the change of attitude of the aircraft just before it touches down: sudden decrese of AoA (marked by the AoA indexer) with nose going down (and tail going up).
  2. When this ACLS frenzy fades away and people will start fly CASE I again, I hope more people will notice this abrupt nose down behaviour when at the ramp. As far as I remember, it was not there before the patch; not being a real-life carrier qualified FA-18 pilot, I can only speculate but that quick change of attitude does feels strange to me... P.S. Wands at night are awesome though
  3. The radio on the F-18 is VHF/UHF: - VORs are VHF (Very High Frequency - MHz) - NDBs are MF (Medium Frequency - kHz) Simply put, NDBs use a different frequency band. Use VORs and you will be fine...
  4. No worries! It was clear enough to me...
  5. Thank you Sedlo! I completely forgot to assign a NAME to the smoke and I thought it would work with the name of the ZONE...
  6. Hi all! I tried this (longed) new option implemented in the latest OB patch but I cannot make it work even though trigger conditions and trigger area names are correct. Does anybody have the same issue?
  7. Add a written reference to the type of vehicle you are manning when in first person view. For instance, in the top left corner of the screen.
  8. Hi all! In the SPAA ZU-23-2, the overhead turret compass indicates +180° from the correct LOS bearing. For instance, if I'm looking South (confirmed by vehicle compass on the top right of the screen), the overhead turret compass shows 000°. I believe it's got to do with the aft-looking arrangement of the turret. A +180° correction for this specific vehicle and others with a similar arrangement would solve the problem.
  9. Thank you Maximov and MotorEAST! I checked recently and still it didn't work. Happy to know it's been ackowledged and hopefully it will fixed soon.
  10. Hi GazAce! What I did was copy the SC mission in my personal missions' folder and delete the wingman. I reported it because I thought it should be corrected in the stock files. And an easy fix indeed (btw, no wingman in the Case I mission in PG)...
  11. Hi all! 1) Mission description indicates BRC to be 123 but it is 116 instead 2) The wingman is a danger: a. if you break at 1.0nm DME, it breaks at the same time you break and he gets on your way on downwind b. if you break between 1.0 and 1.5 DME, it flyes with you in trail formation c. if you manage to survive a. and b. and you bolter, he will keep on calling "rejoin" and you might end up being flown over (happened to me once) 1) is easily correctable; as for 2), simply remove the wingman (it gives no "extra" to the mission - see Persian Gulf Case I mission)
  12. Now the question is: when will it be available?
  13. Hi all! The sign at the hold short position of runway 21R on DELTA shows "E" instead of "D". Pictures attached.
  14. I would like to add my "thank you", too.
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