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  1. Set it up as a shift in DCS as per with your button. Bind a single keyboard press as your expand / fov button. Use a program such as Joy2Key or voice attack. Using the button you want, set short press to the keyboard bind and long press to no action. That should accomplish what you want. Edit; Was for @Mr_Blastman
  2. Was the Q2 being run at its max render resolution? The g2 is sure better specs, but I can read the mfds without zooming etc on my Q2 at max render res...
  3. I'm curious - had you folks not tried reshade CAS sharpening? To me it seems very similar results. Of course it's good it's natively added in oculus now!
  4. The brightness and contrast buttons on the MFDs do not work!
  5. Is this also part of the same problem; Mission at nights, anything FLIR such as TGP / IR MAV is super bright. Cant even read MFD symbology / text
  6. The rain and drops look amazing, but without moving droplets when the airplane is moving feels wrong and kills it for me if you can make them flow back as per ed default then were on to one hell of an improvement!
  7. Light wands should be higher priority.... I think we'd like to use the SC at night properly...
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