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  1. Nobody? Right I'll help Belgian F-16AM's use the P&W F100 engines (the early blocks until 25 all used a variant of this. Nowadays a 30/40/50 has the GE engine, early blocks till 25 and AM MLU/32/42/52 use the P&W engine). One thing that the P&W engine has, is that the nozzle actuator makes that noise when the nozzle adjusts. It's very common to hear on the birds running the P&W F100 engines, like the 15C and 15E. They even added it to the 15C - Go external view while parked and throttle up and down (its glorious) It's not something the GE-129 has unfortunately. So not something to expect (sad actuator noises).
  2. Was wondering if the ARC-210 is still coming. Is mentioned in a previous bugreport as ARC-222 incorrect and should be ARC-210 with the OP giving enough info on the right radio, but can not find it on a roadmap or payload / systems page. Thanks!
  3. Curious how this is compared to the DCS F/A18. One thing i noticed is that when you make an input, especially on the pitch axis, it kind of lags behind or feels like latency and 'bounces'. Does that also apply for curvature settin?
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