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  1. +1, this happened to me after March 2022 update. Is there a fix?
  2. Black boxes mainly appear when flying the M-2000C, covering the right half of the screen. Also at the same time I experience a lot of flickering with black artifacts. It can happen night or day, taxi or final approach. It usually only lasts a few minutes and seems to be completely random at this point. No overclock, and occurs with or without mods I use. Never had this before 2.7.9. So far just on Caucasus.
  3. Has anyone been successful in adding a flashlight to the F-15C? If you have would you please instruct me how to do it. Thanks for any help
  4. Hi MbR2XgD! Maybe I Can help. Go here: DCS World\Mods\aircraft\SpitfireLFMkIX\Liveries\Cockpit_Spitfire_LFMkIX\. Here you will find the default folder. From my experience only the default folder works. Save the .lua in it to a safe place, so you can return it when needed, and add your cockpit mod to the default folder for each aircraft. Works for me.
  5. Mr_Blastman I had this problem also and found it was caused by mapping keys to my CH Products,throttle (mini joystick). It took me a while to figure out, and I removed the mapping, and all is fine now. I will never map anything to mini joystick again. Maybe your problem or another key mapping, maybe? Trying to be helpful
  6. Now, upon engine and battery shutdown, F-16C parking brake jumps to ANTI-SKID. F-16 rolls away after being parked nose down on incline. ANTI-SKID incapable of holding airplane in place. Have to turn battery switch back on for it to hold. Needs chocks in place. That makes sense. Thanks for the real life info sdirmitt. Not enough brake.trk
  7. The problem occurs when in a bank (center mirror only). Clouds have jagged edges, and looks like reduced resolution. Immersion Killer! Only AV8B, no other plane Is this something I can fix, or is Razbam aware and working on it? Thanks for any help
  8. When Overlord calls altitude it says knots instead of feet or angels. Example: enemy contact at 25000 knots. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Thanks for any help! Thought he was saying knots until I turned on subtitles. Oh the joys of being near 70.
  9. Thank you =52d= Skip, but still no joy. Both sites say default skin, but when you extract, the default is not there. Maybe Im missing something? Never mind, I found it. Yay!
  10. Thanks Florence201, but no luck. Maybe someone who knows or uses it will help
  11. Its this Greek skin, but without the Tiger stripe. Anybody know where I can get it? Thanks!
  12. Center mirror gets cloud jaggies in a bank. AV8B is only aircraft. Immersion killer! Everything else seems OK please help. Thanks
  13. When I set fps limit from 60 to 63 in RTSS, TrackIR pans much much smoother and I dont seem to suffer any ill effects, and good latency. Can anyone explain this to me. Ive used TrackIR for years and just came across a thread (cant remember where) that a guy said it was his only way to get really smooth panning, so I tried it, and no stutters. Im amazed. What am I doing? Thanks
  14. myHelljumper, it is only the Harrier with this mirror issue.

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