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  1. http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/atmoss/falcon_details.show_tm_details?p_tm_number=1506615&p_search_no=1&p_ExtDisp=D&p_detail=DETAILED&p_rec_no=15&p_rec_all=18 http://www.immersaview.com/products/warp Not that smart to mess with trademarks.
  2. I trust you are aware that Immersaview is already using the Warp product name for warping software?
  3. I'm left handed and always think this is a silly question. HOTAS requires dexterity from both hands to properly use. It's not merely a matter of preferring a dominant hand. If anything the throttle requires more dexterity than the stick because of all the other controls and switches on it.
  4. You need to setup multiple custom cameras to fix the distortion
  5. Let me guess, this guy found out how to abuse ModelConverterX?
  6. Personally, I use DIMMdrive. I have 48GB on my X58 machine.
  7. I'd be interested in doing a build using the plans. Any idea if Flim's VRpit kit will work ok with this? I have one of the kits sitting in my shop.
  8. Over 180 degree setup limits it to just flight sim use. Regular games are limited by their lack of advanced camera control. Your setup will have to be flight sim specific if you go beyond 180 degrees. Depends on the room you'll use it in and the ability to control ambient light. A black pearl coating like this screen is specifically designed for ambient light rooms. If you have total control over the light in a room you could just as soon go with a white or gray screen. Screen material used is situational to the end use location. The main difference is that when you rear project the projection does not have any issue with the simpit you end up using blocking the projection, because the projection is behind the screen. In general, rear projection is more expensive and requires a much larger room to implement. Being blinded in any scenario, I don't see that as a possibility. -Brad
  9. If I want a good mix between real life and sim I'll use a pair of David Clark H10-13.4.
  10. I have one of Flim's VRpit ACES II kits from this forum. Not built it yet, but will probably in the next month or so.
  11. The thing with DK2 though is if you have problems reading gauges or callout, just duck in towards what you're trying to read to get closer to it. Unlike DK1, DK2 has positional tracking that allows you to look around.
  12. I see three different options -- KW-901, KW-905 and KW-908. What are the differences and what would work best with an ACES II replica seat?
  13. Confusing AR with VR shows a lack of technological understanding. They're not the same target audience.
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