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  1. Your method is for static targets, then there is no point to use point track to start with. if your target is moving along a curvy road inside a mountainous area covered by lots of trees, then it is going to be real hard to reaccquire, causing disorientation and may force you to do another turn.
  2. Sorry my friend, I borrowed your unfinished topic to report something that slightly offset your main problem. It is because I don't always get attention and people rarely have run in and experienced similar issue. I saw your issue in this topic may be caused by the same mechanism.
  3. I see. You actually have a point here, it does happen at the said position, and think about the position where the TPG is mounted.... I guess it is not a bug, and player should aim the VV slightly to the upper-left...
  4. If my task is to track then I am comfortable with it. I know the TPG is programmed to simulate target movements when the line of sight is blocked. My laser rocket never miss for static target, I could even do mark point SPI laser rocket runs and kill 3-4 targets in one run. The shifting only happens with firing laser rocket on target which "move along a line" in my case, it jumps as soon as I fired, sometimes TPG diamond goes around but falls back to the target (Lucky case, that target is dead for sure), sometimes it just vanishes. Shifting usually happens during dive attacks when I would look at my hud to line up with the target and checking the terrain. I keep diving down and down and down, soon as I fired I notice screen intensive movement from my right eye's right corner. I have TPG diamond and FOV turned to On in my HMCS, and tried so hard to find it. In the end I had to boresight or shut it down. It was quite chaotic during the mission... By switching to GBU12 the problem goes away.
  5. Yeah, cheers. As a player just for the fun of playing video game, it is quite difficult to react that fast. Sometimes the bug and problem happen in a long play through, like the one I posted desync. It is not like I found out something then pursuing it. And... nothing is perfect, this is not a game breaking bug. Today I just finished Enemy within campaign, 10 missions had past since my last post and It was bug riddling. Imaging there is this mission in pitch black darkness, low cloud deck with MANPADS, mountainous AO, a stupid wing man neglect my request, and your shots keeps missing because the TPG jumped and nowhere to be found.... However I overcome them with the time fast forward function: if bug ruined my game play I just restart, and this time I change my loadout to CBU 105s. Lucky we still have that in single player eh? What I am trying to say is, the bug about TPG mentioned in this post is not an illusion, believe or not, it happened. I can leave it to people who get paid to test.
  6. Sorry not being specific on how to reporduce. If you could, please try APKWS laser Hydra on Moving targets, use point track to target and lasing, also please make the target move around. I guess the problem will occur. It never fail when I do Inr or Area track lasing on still targets. If you could also fire after turning around. I mean accquire the target then turn around to fire. Thanks man!
  7. By the way, the reason of me posting this as an issue is because it doesn't happen to everything. TGP would never behave like that when I do Laser bomb bombing, tight turn and pull G's. Sure I could ignore this single flaw and use Maverick and GBUs (love using them and they 100% works with my approach) to hit moving targets complete my task in a mission, just don't use the laser rockets, but I like the laser rocket. If it is a non-guided rocket or guns, I don't use TPG, even boresighted it for sure.
  8. Thanks for spending time download the Track file and watch it. It is not an assignment. I simply describing the symptom. I sincerely hope you could really give laser rocket a go. I do think a lot of people would agree with me that the track file doesn't replay the actual gameplay footage. If you would, you can also test the feature of replaying track file while you are on it. I read a lot of the posts in the forum and understand that Track file is the thing to be asked for. I have Tacview of the same footage be it doesn't reflect the issues on instruments that I described. About the HUD symbology, it is just my observation on what was happening when the TPG jumped. If you still think it is all because of me being a handicap or cumbersome, and not being a real life pilot, then I would just stop complaining about this. Because becoming a real pilot or Milsim is not going to happen, and I don't have the software to make videos, especially in VR. I am here to enjoy the game and not trying to be a difficult person. I knew someone is going to question that I touched buttons. I am afraid I can't proof that, but you have my word that these fingers on my dominant hand are steady, and the HOTAS I have (Winwing Orion) does not produce redundant inputs. I have 1000+ hours in DCS, have no problem with operating the TGP in both F18 and F16. All I ask is perhaps someone can give a go in the game.
  9. I really like playing campaign but bugs just keep coming! wasting time and patience. I managed to destroy everything that is red, but when Uzi arrived, they went back and forth around the hangar like building. That building has no red label, but Uzi appear shooting at it. after 20 mins one of them went down. I have all labels turned on and all of the buildings were there untouched. My loadout, 3 GBU12, 2*7 laser rocket and 2 mavericks. Wingman two died without notice, it is just so frustrating.
  10. I have the track file for reference. Please play the game and experience this. Not just one person has seen this problem. It may not be the case if you don't use the Hydra laser rockets. I used to think it was me pulling Gs, but sometimes I got it even by flying straight. It happens when the CCIP recticle start to cover the TPG diamond. Sometimes the TPG will shift to somewhere else, go around the CCIP pipper, or funny enough, change my laser method from LSR to IR. We know the default laser mode is LSR unless I move my hand away from my joystick (I am in VR) and use the mouse to click the OSB to change laser type. What I did to avoid: use Area track (50% it will work the way I want), or Inr mode. never increase FOV or point track the target.... but, come on, laser rocket for moving target, that was the deal.... I have some IT knowledge, as a tester, you probably have to go through some really uncommon cases. Please run the game and do some hydra rocket run as it was not just one person have seen it, I bet you can reproduce it 80% of the time. File exceed 5mb Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PeyCNHc-8RkWFXtu-tSAwaWDPbsVIXBh/view?usp=sharing
  11. ILSJD.part1.rarILSJD.part2.rarIt is 2022, the ILS in Kutaisi and Sukumi still not working (At least under good weather conditions). Now I know what my problem is. I don't think I have to have the ILS feature. I can land the A10C2 just fine with all the onboard sensor and Scorpion helmet. Nevertheless wouldn't it be nicer to practice all functions whenever I want to? I've spent a lot of money on DCS beside hardware. I don't regret it because I see good changes all the time. Maybe the dev could look behind not beyond for sometime and improve the modules. For example the AI wingman, ILS, the jumpy TPG when lasing targets... [Edit] Please unzip and see the track file. Thanks
  12. My wingman will not attack the second wave of the enemy, which command should I use? Wingman or Second Element? he got shot down by manpad, I can;t do anything to help.
  13. It is December, and I encounter this time problem too, starts at 7 o'clock, that is 4 hours fly to WP4. so it has not been fixed I guess. Should I use 0800?
  14. Wait, where is the ammo depot this time? Version 2.7.8 OB. No blue smoke, I tried to bomb some crates like Katmandu said, but nothing happen. It is kinda frustrating flying this whole campaign, countless moment where I have to restart over and over. Some youtube channel showed White smoke, it was 6 months ago.
  15. Okay, so I put the track file into my google drive. hopefully it will replay the same bug, cause I see DCS plays track files differently every time. For the Thunderstorm problem : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NrtuB7kcRIxqghZQhlrnVI43n1zE8pyl/view?usp=sharing For the Trons went awol on me: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MKhrYjnY01edr9qNpGnS2S2d54CSs1xf/view?usp=sharing
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