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  1. You don’t understand my point. Anyone else want to try?
  2. Is that a new feature that's been implemented in the last few years? I've not seen the game in VR so I can't really tell what it's like from the youtube vids.
  3. I was looking at coming back after an 8 year hiatus, I can see the scaling issue is still present. I was griping about back in the Lock On 1.02 days of 2004. Link below for a reference of what I'm talking about, at minute 2:05. The perspective is about 30% zoomed out from what you can actually see when flying a Hornet. You can't see that much of the HUD projector and the top of the HUD camera unless your seat is too high. I guess the best estimate of what the sizing should be in your FOV (I can't tell how it looks in VR as I don't even have a set up anymore, let alone a rift) is to put both your hands out in front of you side by side. That's about the size of the HUD. Each side of the pitch ladders should be about 2/3rds the length of your middle finger, and a MiG or a Hornet are about the size of a pitch ladder at 1500ft. The game looks zoomed out in to an almost fish-eye view compared to the real thing. If you've got VR, give me your feedback on how it compares to the above. I don't want to get back in to this if it still doesn't look right.
  4. I have the same issue using the DCS multiplayer shortcut. I can use multiplayer fine if I use the single player icon, then click multiplayer in the menu once the game has loaded.
  5. Are you saying you 'want' a full cockpit, or that a new cockpit needs to be built in order to achieve this and the bullseye readout?
  6. The era of F15 being modelled is a consideration scorch with regards to link
  7. DCS Level F-15C I cannot find a reference for where it is displayed on the Vsd, but it must be somewhere!
  8. F-15 datalink display http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=122788&highlight=wheel+brakes&page=19 Already suggested by Ivan K in this thread. I assume full link 16 datalink would bring isues with game balance and a large overhead with programming, but even without link, having this screen available with a visual depiction of waypoints would be a great SA enhancer. If If you were to implement the datalink features, I would recommend you look in to whether the radar cursors are mirrored on this page, and if so, I assume there would be a bullseye readout.
  9. Blaze, the first picture you show are ER and ET's. The second photo is a mix of R and ER. Look at the difference in length of the motor behind the forward fins.
  10. If you have trouble understanding what GG said, you are exceeding the maximum angle of attack, and essentially stalling the aircraft. That's why you're loosing control.
  11. Nice one Ivan. Robin - Ivan's way is easier
  12. Dude - You NEED a track IR. Like SFAL said, once you have it you will wonder how you ever flew without it. Having used both good and poor joysticks myself, I would rate the Track IR as the most important item for you to upgrade, especially as a MiG driver as you are handcuffing your within visual range strength of the helmet mounted sight. If you don't have much money, get a track IR 3 or 4 second hand. HOTAS after that will be the next purchase, heaps of good info in the forums on that.
  13. Some good advice offered above, particularly finding some other mates to fly with and to use your radar at range for SA, take a long range R77 if you can, then get low. I would expand on that by saying jump on the teamspeak or ventrillo voice comms server for whatever server you are flying in and tag along with them. You'll learn a lot just by listening and tagging along, particularly if there is any squad members flying together. That's how my online flying in lock on started, in 2004, and I'm still flying with the same guys I met back then. I'll add that the MiG has the SA advantage only when EW datalink is available, a weapons advantage over the Eagle inside 5nm (when tally) with the R-73 and Helmet sight, and a strong capability with the R-27ET inside about 25km. The trick with a MiG is getting close enough to the Eagle to use those strengths; sneaking around low in the mountains and going for an EOS engagement can work well, even against experienced Eagle guys. Against a pair or more of experienced Eagles who have a solid radar sanitisation plan, it is very hard, so use your team mates on comms to work with you and someone can make it through. Going it alone is tough. 0atalink makes it easy and if datalink is on I'll often hunt alone; going against MiG's with datalink is IMO the hardest challenge as an Eagle in DCS.
  14. S77th server seems to be quite popular for both A2A and A2G at the moment if you're flying FC3 and /or A10C. If you're just flying KA-50 then there's a couple of servers I've seen with 10+ players in them. Numbers online are low compared to previous years. 2000-0200z/ UTC seem to be the times the highest numbers of player are on in my experience.
  15. It's about 5 x the size of a standard radar blip, circular, and very bright. Never seen this in FC/Lock on before. I'll send you a screenshot next time I see it.
  16. F-15C Radar: When unlocking a target from STT that was entered from RWS, on occasion the radar contact flares up into a big ball, then slowly shrinks back to a normal hit Anyone else seen this?
  17. You can assign the mouse as the TDC for the radar though which is pretty handy.
  18. GG, this threat has been going for nearly a year. Why are you still arguing with this guy? He is telling you the sky is pink, we know it's not, but he's not going to change his argument. Give up dude :-)
  19. Dr Thomp, the jammers are very basic in FC2 and what you are asking is not really modeled. If you just run with "once the missile is in the air, turn the jammer off" you will do ok. Then as EtherealN said, need to gimbal (I don't try this vs ARH) or run away.
  20. I forgot to add to my previous post, when you lock onto someone with an IR missile who is pumping out flares, the seeker should be decoyed by the flares. Should also be apparent in the HUD with the seeker circle. Currently putting out flares pre launch has little to no effect. It would probably help you guys if you enlisted the assistance of some of the retired Fighter Pilots who fly lock on rather than survey the community for their opinions on systems "bugs". If you don't know who they are, PM me. Or ask GG Tharos.
  21. I'd say that's an issue with the eastern European, Russian and Chinese servers. I have the same issue in those servers, but not in US or Australian servers.
  22. A great feature to have in the editor would be a way to add a lot of objects by some other method than clicking "add aircraft" and going through the process of selecting side, type, etc etc. If you could select add x client aircraft of x type that would greatly simplify things. Also, if there was an ability to merge missions, that would help Red Flag mission builders. It would allow me to work on the air units while someone else works on the ground units, we could then merge the missions.
  23. The LAR's in the F-15 are not working correctly. The easiest way to see this is to set yourself up in the six of another aircraft, take an STT lock with the bandit on your nose and note the size of the LAR. Then turn your aircraft left or right and you will see the RMAX displayed increases as you turn away. Active missiles on your RWR. As you run away, about 10 seconds before they self destruct the RWR indications go away for about 2-5 seconds, then turn back on. I havent checked if you fixed this from FC1: The displayed elevation of the F-15 radar was in error. If you set the bottom of the scan at 20000ft, it would actually be looking from 22000ft. This creates obvious issues when using a coordinated scan between squad mates. Moving map for the F-15 would be handy. Should be displayable on the PACS panel. The dispersion on the F-15's gun seems way too great. Back me up here IvanK
  24. Depending on where people are routed through, some of us get ~200 ping to your server, others only 200km away get ~450 ping due to being routed a different way. It would be ideal for the host to be in the US, where all players should be able to achieve <300ping
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