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  1. Excellent video and take off, looking forward to this
  2. Shame about the F-18 versions, but thanks for all the hard work
  3. Excellent vide as usual, nice to see crew co-ordination at it's best.....i.e. you were having a blast! lol, keep up the good work
  4. This is great, I don't suppose you could mod it to the RAF Wessex type nose, no problem if it's too much trouble. Thank you . More numerous in the UK/Cyprus and RAF Germany
  5. Had a similar problem, partly solved by double checking the FFB/Normal force trim. I had been away from the apache a few days. Came back. It LEAPED into the air and started rotating, crosswind pedals had not effect. Deleted the entries for other axis of this type, including the gampead and restarted. Still the same! Found this thread and yes my trim was FFB not what it should have been. So changed that. No changed. Had not restarted the pc, only the game, but on a whim I unplugged the gamepad. Restarted the game, and it was SORTED. So, although it said the gamepad was not being used, But LISTED in the items availalbe. Only when I unplugged did it really sort it.PHEW! Though this might help someone
  6. Ramsey & Malakhit, Thanks for the info, Yep I missed understanding that at some point, but it makes sense. It's the same in real life, we used to deploy from UK to other NATO allies, and they'd give us their maps, unlike our Ordnance Survey, they would miss out 'secret information', like the names and locations of the bases we were going to visit. (This is 40 years back in the 70's when there was no GPS or Mobile phones). So we departed Treviso where the Herc's left us and drove up to Villafranca, 'somwhere on the other side of Verona' but the map just had the base as a swamp, some local tracks that looked like roads, were'nt on the map, so it was easy to miscount the numbers to the right turn.... We flagged down the local police car and asked them for assistance. They were a bit suspicious at first....40 guys with green Landrovers and some 3 ton trucks....with british markings....yep that's probably terrorists. But they grudgingly showed us the way to the right road. We were later shown a more 'trusted' map, it had all the swampy bits marked, SECRET area!!! That helped a lot...not Yep dialling down the scale is progress lol
  7. I may well have missed this in all I've read. Struggling to get maps on the TSD I find that I have maps working with the a/c running and route pre-planned on Caucuses, Nellis & Marianas. But nothing on Persian Gulf. Is that right? Thanks in advance, will check in much later today
  8. This last update 19/03/22 has made the RAF starter trolley disappear, the trucks are still there. But I had the trolley on all my RAF airfields, it will be missed. Hope it can be fixed THANK YOU
  9. When my slow internet finally let me start up, it was cold and dark outside, never mind in the Helo. Did a short, ugly engines running set up at Akrotiri, (may as well have sunshine) and I skittered about the pad for a few minutes, rodeo style and then got it in the air for a tower flyby of sorts, flying squint down the taxiway (trudged up that taxi way a few times) and then attemped a landing.....I was able to walk away is all I'll say. So it's a Landing then. Am I the only one that read the book, watched the vids....then suffered memory failure once in the blasted thing. I must've pressed the dump KV button!. Starting again from scratch this morning lol In game tutorial followed....ish, managed a start, taxi.....it stopped speaking to me after that, so I bimbled out to the runway and took off....no one will notice and did a brilliant low lever, under the wires etc circuit and landed....but this time, I was able to taxi back to my slot, with the aircraft looking intact. Quick sign the 700, no faults and retire to the bar...or in my case, go walk the dog, HAVE A GREAT First day everyone & THANKS ED FOR THE MODULE
  10. Configure Warthog & try my basic playstation as part of the WAS. Have read the manual....probably need to read it another 50 times to sink in, but the tutorial videos make more sense after the manual. No cold start, get the controls mapped and try take off, nap of the earth local flight. Sadly I had an accident/fall a couple of days back and my throttle hand is bruised and painful, so I might need some beers anyway. Never been on a server but an earlier post where everyone else will be as hopeless as me sounds good fun. But to inflict a one armed noob on the others seems a bad idea. But whatever happens, I'll enjoy it! Davidrbarnette, thanks for starting the thread, nice to see none of us grew up and we can still have fun!
  11. Going into retirement and this is the most immersive simulation of flying I can think of. Always wanted to be a pilot, colour blind.....bugger! So thank you to the ED team for letting me relax and enjoy something I've always loved.....sorry about all the planes I've wrecked along the way. Keep it up !
  12. That looks great, side by side is a great way to learn.....& I need to learn
  13. Excellent cockpit and model, THANK YOU. I'm finding it damages the blades very easily, i.e. slight roll left or right and it goes bang,.....I've busted it. But that'll probably be me making a mess of it. I have set pitch roll to 8 with a deadspot of 4 to calm it down, Collective 6 otherwise up and down like a yo yo IMHO it could do with a bit more tail rotor authority, my rudder input on the pedals is by the bootfull and it's not turning much. I'm NOT a qualified pilot, this just my opinion and this works for me.....love it!
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