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  1. Yes, please upgrade our existing Huey first. Corrected external model, graphics, ...
  2. Would love to see a Prowler AI but why with the Ranger and Saratoga? I thought both are coming now as Forrestal Class with the Tomcat Module?!? What is still missing is the most beautiful carrier ever. The Enterprise. Prowler AI, Enterprise, Meteor Soundtrack along the Intruder would be THE module. And we need a badass wallpaper.
  3. I love that Wallpaper. I hope HB will also drop such a stunning wallpaper. And will do some epic soundtrack. Maybe they are working with Meteor again.
  4. Hi, please add the Arizona and Oklahoma to the WW2 assets pack. Thanks
  5. Means "Forrestal" the Forrestal class or just the USS Forrestal? Im hyped for the Saratoga. Anyway, thanks for update
  6. @BIGNEWY Would it be possible to check this for a future patch? No work to be done from your side. The skins are already there and needed just to be swaped. Sadjad posted the links. You just need to download them and swap them with the current one. From the current ones just the HESA Azarakhsh will stay. @sadjad-vosoul did those liveries with so much passion and the goal to help you. His liveries are accurate to the fullest. Didn't he deserves at least a "Thanks, but No, we wont swap them"? This thread is from 2019 !!! Thanks for taking a look
  7. Can we have an own Subforum for the Intruder? And maybe move all releated threads into it? To keep a better overview? Thanks a lot
  8. Would love to see a South Korea livery included too
  9. I re-ckecked the skin-contest for the F-5. Just the IRIAF HESA Azarakhsh livery is from the contest. The reported liveries didnt come from the contest. So, its not offensive, if those were replaced. Wags mentioned about updating the f-5. Would it be possible to add this livery-swap to the Update-roadmap? Just removing the old ones and add the ones from Sadjad. @Wags @BIGNEWY Big Thanks again to Sadjad for the offer to use his corrected liveries.
  10. L-39 Liveries are already there, but bound to Germany. Could they moved to GDR? @BIGNEWY Thanks PS: I think liveries for mig15 are also already there, they just needed to be moved to GDR. At the moment they belong to Germany.
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