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  1. Perfect, We have a common account for hosted servers, I was messing around with my login and could not stop it auto logging in. S!
  2. Kameraden, Is it possible to interrupt the login? Would like to use a common account login for the server. S!
  3. SoH, For my initial settings, I copied the screen captures you have in the first post. All good, steep learning curve just finding all the various places where settings can be adjusted. S!
  4. It's Field of View - Custom Scale @ 90% When turning my head left or right in the cockpit, the instrument panel bends slightly towards you. Put it back to 100% and it's stopped. S!
  5. Kameraden, Making good progress, appreciate the time and effort as it's really helped me tune my 3090. One question though, when I move my head my screen distorts like fabric. This small distortion is causing a bit of vertigo. This just started, so I'm pretty sure it's a setting deep in a menu. S!
  6. Is anyone else getting duplicate "Listening Resumed" notifications? "Listening Suspended" is a single notification. S!
  7. Kameraden, Thank you Chuck. Flashback to Nick Cole's (RIP) excellent printed manual from 2003, still have mine (way back). S!
  8. Devs, Thank you for this gift, brings back fond memories of the Blue Angels flying the Scooter. S!
  9. RIP Jim The hammer blows just keep coming. S!
  10. Looking forward to updating my stable of MiG's, hope the progress continues.
  11. I suspect you're on a wrong path here, first entry line goes to DCS.exe and the second goes to /BIN Third is the name of the profile. I can do a Twitch Stream of it for example if you want. S!
  12. Lt_Jaeger, That would be great, I'd just like to understand the thought process during tuning. Is it as simple as tuning one on at a time? S!
  13. Kameraden, Using Buttkicker Gamer 2, with SimShaker for Aviators and Sound Module (Mono). Started tuning in the FW190A-8 and I'm new to this, any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. S!
  14. Kameraden, This mapping is not duplicated, recreated but stays Red and does not function in-game. Any suggestions on how to fix? This is the only one that is a problem. Thanks in advance. S!
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