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  1. I found the problem. I assigned to a red ground unit the Transmit Message with the ELT sound. I forgot that the Su-25T doesn't have a radio, but it receives any transmission from any frequencies from any red units. Thanks to all that responded to me.
  2. Hello, when I enter in the Su-25T and I switch on eletrical system, I hear this annoying alarm sound that I'm not able to switch off. Digital Combat Simulator Black Shark 2021.12.04 -
  3. Hello, I tried everything, but I'm not able to embark the troops in any ground vehicle. I tried the truck M939 Heavy, the truck Bedford, the LUV HMMWV Jeep, the APC M113, the IFV M1126 Stryker. But nothing, the troops don't want to embark to any vehicle. I set the "EmbarkTo Transport" option in the troops' waypoint and the "Embark" to the transport vehicle. But it doesn't work. Instead it seems to work very well with the choppers. Bye TRANSPORT-TEST-CAUCAS-02.trk
  4. Hello, the final tests. I confirm that the problem is with Flight profile set to HIGH. Both in TOO and PP mode. All is good with MEDIUM and LOW. Bye Grape CAUCAS-FA-18C-AGM-84E-BUG-04.trk
  5. Hello, I made some other tests. The problem seems to be correlated with the Flight profile set to High. Instead, with the profile set to MEDIUM and LOW, the missile goes direct to the target and it's able to hit it.
  6. Hi, yes, I forgot to insert the last two digit. But even so, the missile doesn't go direct at the target, but it circles, falling on the ground. This track is from Caucasus map. CAUCAS-FA-18C-AGM-84E-BUG-02.trk
  7. Hello, I had made many tests, but I'm not able to use the AGM-84E. I followed step by step the instructions on the Wags video, but the missile continues to circle eastward and climb up over the aircraft altitude, then fall on the ground. It's possible that it's broken? Moreover, the MOD PP is not working. I'm not able to insert the coords of the PP1. Thanks Grape NEVADA-FA-18C-AGM-84E-BUG-01.trk
  8. Hello, the first post of this thread is not readable, because the YouTube preview covers all the post itself.
  9. Yes, it is still present. It's not a little bug, because the altimeter is not a secondary instrument!
  10. It's more than one month that this problem is reported. Anyone of the dev team are watching it?
  11. It's more than one month that this problem is reported. Anyone of the dev team is watching it?
  12. Mmmhhh, I'm not sure at all, but indeed it seems that this command is available via the in-game comms menu.
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