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  1. its beautiful wow, does the new deck cameras work ? brief room etc
  2. wondering if ED could implement the rotor downwash effects. ETA?
  3. these need adjusted , and lod increased, daylight ops they are very dim.
  4. i was also experiencing sound crackle and clicks under 32 bit high setting, when i reduced the bit rate load this cleared up as well, the sim still sounds great in 16 bit audio. does sound more tight the sounds in 32 bit. but i was surprised to see slight frame gain.
  5. I noticed that my sound card was on high setting so, reduced to 16 bit audio, was surprised how much smoother DCS is online now. worked for me, thought i would share the love.
  6. yea cuz i want george AI to fly me around in the multiplayer environment, hoping ed can create a workaround on this.
  7. would like george AI to fly as pilot for you , as i enjoy going gunner, nice addition in MP environment would be great .
  8. diveplane

    George AI

    could we get single player mode apaches to work online. i would like to have george ai control the helo and command him around in MP mode as well. we could have single player mode apaches as well as MP coop units marked to fly.
  9. this apache is incredible and a joy the effort the details, pilots eyes even blink move stunning work this is the best module yet, ai flying the helo for u is amazing. sounds are incredible. stunning work..guys
  10. first thing i always do is sit at a dusk setup up cold start watch the bird come to life all the lighting effects to check out
  11. will the warbirds get Smokey startup effects?
  12. as the title says ww2 birds need them.
  13. dear ed can we get nice new landing light effects, the p51 and the uh1 have the horrible outdated pasted on halo beam, looks very outdated now. only in fog conditions you'd get this type of effect
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