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  1. I feel I'm experiencing a similar experience as of late, and something I've never noticed before. Since the South Atlantic release and flying the AV-8B I've encountered intermittent the black screen appearing in VR (HP Reverb G2 using OpenXR). Alt-tabbing out to the monitor image (2D) and the game is frozen and in a hang state. I've noticed this on Razbams Public Server (Through the Inferno v2.2.4c) as well the Aerobatics South Atlantic MP server. The frozen/hang is random (no set period or anything in particular that resembles anything that I can reproduce). Checking through the logs from today (I've attached both dcs.log and dsc.log.old) at the end of each file these two lines are present.... 2022-06-26 19:41:58.805 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture 'wet_map_map' not found. Asked from '' 2022-06-26 19:41:59.350 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture 'nimitz_details_72_dm_map' not found. Asked from '' Hopefully the logfiles produces some useful information on any issues that can be resolved. dcs.zip
  2. Still the case with the latest 516.40 drivers https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/494630/geforce-grd-51640-feedback-thread-released-61522/ null
  3. @sthompson - That helps, thank you very much for the explanation
  4. I was hesitant to try this out myself. My initial thought would be to try this is in weeks/months time once the mod was further developed. However, as I had yesterday off work I thought I would give it a go. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results in my case, and that of a friend of mine who also did the same (Yours may vary). Unless something drastic occurs that breaks things I feel that this will be one of those must haves mods for my VR experience (until natively supported)
  5. Hi @obious For me, I've not experienced any jitters. I'm not able to grab screenshots of my DCS in-game setup so I'm replying based on memory.... I have: DCS installed via STEAM OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality installed My pre-requisites: Cleared the environment data from 'Mixed Reality' (Windows > Settings > Mixed Reality) Cleared all the files within the sub-folders of 'fxo' and 'metashaders' within "[DRIVE]:\Users\[YOUR PROFILE NAME]\Saved Games\DCS)" Removed ANY and ALL mods (files) from DCS (In my case this was 'Reshade' as its the only mod I use) Note: this relates to mods that are installed into the game 'bin' directory (My path is: 'D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\bin) Within the STEAM client, select DCS > Properties > Local Files > select 'Verify integrity of games files'.... (this will take some time) For me this reverted/downloaded several files (11 for me, and for a friend, it was 6. Yours may vary) Installation: The mod from this Post and current using v0.6.1 (at the time of writing) copied the three files to the DCS game 'bin' directory (My path is: 'D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\bin) opencomposite openvr_api.dll DCDCompiler_47.dll (not the folder, but the file within) Optional: Overwrite or backup any files within the 'bin' directory (in the event you want to revert back without Steam verifying the files) Open and edit the file opencomposite and add the following lines towards the bottom ;Custom: required to get the mouse to work correctly forceConnectedTouch=disabled renderCustomHands=disabled Setup: OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed Reality and edit/tweak as required. Mine is currently set at: Note: I think the important setting is the customised render scale (I consider it the same as the SteamVR per-app slider). I had increased mine to 125% but then found I had non-optimal performance, the black screen on the edges as I moved my head side to side, etc.). For those with performance issues I recommend lowering this, as it give you the chance to increased in game (DCS) settings (something I will try myself over time) Start steam client (if not already running) Note: do NOT run SteamVR (and turn if off from Mixed Reality, if set) Started my HP Reverb G2 headset Mixed Reality Portal starts up If I recall correctly I setup the room boundary (seated) Using my right controller within the Mixed Reality Home (I've tweaked mine to using this information here), I find and run DCS from here Note: This take a while to load, especially the first time. It can feel like its doing nothing but it is, just wait. Once DCS has loaded I have slightly increased DCS graphical settings but in general I recommend starting out with the 'VR' preset and use this as a benchmark to them increase/decrease settings. Observations The first time you load DCS it will take longer than you might think (I guess it loading things for the first time, some will cache I suspect) This includes connecting to a server (MP). You may encounter black screening while loading, don't fear, leave it, it is loading. I've found that later connections (starting DCS or connecting to servers) are then faster. I've also noticed that I now don't have to close and restart DCS when leaving a server to join another (previously, I would encounter jittering and performance issues 'VRAM'?). For me and the initial hours of going into and out of MP servers seems to be fine performance wise) I think that is is (at least from memory). Hope that helps some of you out there (my systems settings are within my signature below. [Added after posting] My DCS system settings before using the Mod. Since then I'm tweaking settings to see what I get (mostly HIGH and with the same FPS or thereabouts).
  6. If you were referring to my last post I should of been clear in that, I do have the OpenXR Development Toolkit with the following settings (which seem to work for my setup): I don't have the OpenXR Toolkit installed for the options that you've mentioned in your post. To be honest, I'm currently quite happy with the way things are running (and that's with very little tweaking from my settings before trying this mod). I intended on giving this a several days to settle (and possibly tweak to see what I can get out of it and where the performance becomes affected) before installing and tinkering with the OpenXR Toolkit. At this moment in time I must say good work to the mod developer(s) and those of you who have helped provide us with the information to use this
  7. I'm pretty much of the same opinion as most of your points myself. I particularly chuffed with a particular MP server from the group I participate with where I've never really experienced particularly great performance (especially visually) (US Server, I'm based in the UK). However, since switching to this mod, the connection to this particular server (for me), the difference is night and day. Note: Other regular MP systems have also given the impression that it 'feels' smoother (although I've had good experiences anyway). Looking forward in seeing how the continued development improves on things, and more so the changes that will eventually come from within DCS (once its ready). Note: I haven't installed the optional OpenXR Tools (I want to use OpenXR Toolkit) section of the first post (Just the 'Installation' section)
  8. I can't say that I have encountered this issue. I've been using VoiceAttack (VAICOM) without issue since using this mod.
  9. Yes, it does seems so. I have the Steam DCS variant installed on my system and have managed to run DCS via WMR and without it calling SteamVR. So it does seem to work. I just had to get used to starting DCS from within WMR (never done so before).
  10. Hi All, I would like to add custom pages to the VAICOM kneeboard (e.g. checklists, etc.) but I have absolutely no idea how to do this. I've checked through the VAICOM manual and can find no reference; I'm therefore reaching out here to ask that if this is possible, and if so, how is this achieved?
  11. @BigBANGtheory- I don't have a Vive Pro 2 (HP Reverb G2 user here). However, if you are a discord user I recommend heading over to 'VR4DCS' as they have a wealth of users who are likely to be able to assist. I think the direct channel for Vive users is here.
  12. If I recall, I'm sure mine was 1 year to the day (ordered 6th January 2021, received either the 4th or 6th January 2022). Once calibrated/dialled/tuned in, it's a great little product that works quite well - @MilesD was fantastic at providing personal assistance with my setup first time around I recommend connecting to the PointCTRL discord and messaging @MilesD on there to get an estimation.
  13. +1 to noticing the issue, and have done for some time. My own process is to restart DCS after a server restart, changing servers or settings change. While cumbersome, it seems to resolve the issue most of the time.
  14. I've noticed the same thing ever since I've started with VR (and DCS). My regular go to in the following situations of 'server restarting or changing servers' is to close DCS and restart it. As a Steam user I sometimes also restart SteamVR (especially if I notice the SteamVR area (The circular lines view) having a jitter/judder effect). I'm assuming here (not knowing how it works) is that 'something' (whatever something is) isn't 'RAM, resources, temp' isn't clearing/shutting down cleanly (or at all).
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