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  1. Cant you make the Scalp cruise missile launch smoother and more realistic like this
  2. Not really I think its about keeping the shelf life of newer more expensive missiles Or utilizing stock of older missiles and since there isn't really any A2A threats for the Russians over Syria they don't have to arm with a full R-77-1 Loadout Like how Israeli F-15I are seen armed with Mix of Sparrows and Aim-120s
  3. I just hope you jump onto the R-77 next cause that thing needs some serious work and its sad considering its the only active homing russian missile we got
  4. It just has this plastic feeling you can try refurbishing it Also i don't understand can't you use the same weapons with a modded hud @Patrick56
  5. @Patrick56 This C-130 Hercules mod has its own HUD http://www.mediafire.com/file/8p2knd0q70iaox3/Hercules_ver_5.9.zip/file maybe you can use their help and how close are you from completing the cockpit textures
  6. Will there ever be a real rafale functioning HUD instead of the su25/27 Huds
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