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  1. "Your words in God's ear" - as they say in German
  2. I recommend building some kind of mockup of the cockpit. I used a hard foam material for this. (Finding the right distances and scale is a bit tricky. But with the help of my wife it worked). I pointed with my fingers while looking through the G2 and my wife measured the dimensions. On top of the hard foam material I glued soft foam - about 1 cm thick. Now when I press a key (ICP F16) I have a very good feedback and it feels absolutely natural.
  3. Hi, I play DCS in VR (G2, RTX 2028 S). I also use OpenXR toolkit. Here I had motion reprojection activated (unlocked). I always had a good result. Until yesterday: after 20 minutes of flight on an MP, my fps suddenly dropped to 10 frames. After restarting and watching planes on other MP it happens immediately when I spawn. If I then exit DCS and go to WMR Home, it takes about 6 seconds until the picture in G2 feels normal again. Back on the MP and it starts all over again. If I deactivate motion reprojection in OpenXR toolkit everything is fine. Also in SP everything is fine. Does anyone know the reason for this and can give me some tips?
  4. I have not yet understood a connection. In OpenXR tool I can set the number of pixels with the slider. Less than 100% = fewer pixels = poorer image. And vice versa In the OPXR toolkit I can also set the pixels (NIS/FSR). If I set fewer pixels there (less than 100%) then the number of pixels decreases - that is understandable. But if I set more than 100%, then the number of pixels also decreases. So which is better? In the OPXRT to 100% and in OPXR toolkit less than 100% or more than 100%? Can anyone help me?
  5. Ok, vielleicht kann man sich wirklich kein Urteil erlauben, weil man ja auch nicht in den Laden gucken kann
  6. Das ist meiner Meinung nach das Problem: sie müssen mit dem Verkauf der Module Geld verdienen und damit die Entwicklung der Engine gegen finanzieren. So, wo steckt man jetzt seine Entwicklungszeit rein, wenn man nur begrenzt Entwickler hat…?
  7. That already exists. Look here: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/195956-dcs-scratchpad/ It works great!
  8. Hi, It was gone for quite a while but now it's back. After calling up the F10 map in flight and coming back into the cockpit, I have extreme stuttering. As if the graphics card RAM is completely full. I have to restart DCS completely. Does anyone know this problem and how I can get rid of it? G2, OpenXR, RTx 2080S
  9. If I want to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.2 or 1.1.1 do I have to uninstall certain files? Does anyone have experience with this?
  10. I can only recommend it. I could not use the F14 via Steamvr and Reshade in MP. I had stutters when I panned from left to right in the cockpit with the G2. With OpenXR this problem has disappeared. G2, 2080 Super
  11. Hi, bei mir ist die Einstellung "Untertitel" im Optionsmenü ausgegraut. Die kann ich gar nicht anwählen. Übrigens habe ich das selbe Problem, dass bei mir die Funksprüche nicht angezeigt werden. Das Problem habe ich immer, nicht nur bei Missionen edit: Hab’s rausgefunden. Ich muss vor dem Flug die Option "Untertitel " aktivieren. Dann gehts
  12. I would like every aircraft to be released on DCS to support Leap Motion. It should be a requirement for release. This would also speed up the further development of the tool and increase acceptance. And so perhaps more vr pilots would realise the benefit.
  13. That was it. I put my axes on an xbox controller as a test. So there is no slight jerking of the stick. And the hands keep coming back when I touch the stick. DCS thinks there is input all the time (caused by a bad hotas). I can't refuel in the air with a deadzone, I need very fine deflections for that. Now I have to live with it for the time being, because I don't want to buy a new stick for 400 dollars and I don't know if ED Leap Motion will continue to develop. Many thanks for your help!
  14. That's a good idea. I notice a gentle shaking of my stick in the F16. Maybe that is the reason. I will try it out.
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