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  1. So how are we going to manage using Bullseye control when in the F-14?


    There’s no equivalent to the Hornets AA waypoint and the systems aren’t designed to show radar cursor bulls position etc.


    I guess using one of the waypoint, eg the ‘fixed point’ could be used to give ownship pos from the bullseye. Is there any easy way to work out target position from bulls that’s better than an approximate ‘that looks about right’ ?

  2. Thanks Wags.


    Are we 100% certain that there is no auto change to the Radar page upon AA weapon selection?


    I only ask because I’ve seen video of the radar page coming up automatically during departure. The pilot 100% did not use the mfd osb. He probably actioned an AA weapon in order to get a quick rdr lock, using an ACM mode, on his flight lead for the departure.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe IRL the HARM TOO mode has an option for Range known or Unknown, selectable by a DDI option. The option should appear when a ground target is designated?


    There's reference to it in the ‘Pocket tactical guide’ doc and other sources.


    I’m not sure what effect the selection would have, perhaps it adjusts the loft profile or changes the FOV of the seeker.


    Does anyone have any more info? Backspace340 and Beamscanner maybe......


    Will it get added to TOO mode Wags?

  4. SteveD and AvroL,


    Interesting stuff, for sure. Maybe the Hornet is the oddball 4th Gen? Also, Avro... you'd think the Advisory line would operate like you say... but we also know how much attention to detail the ED team pays. :-)


    I'm pretty sure the ADV should be corrected. Yeah.


    ED are doing a good job implementing some things, but yeah, it's still a little frustrating that small (presumably easier coding wise....) inaccuracies are left untouched for months. Still ED, keep the good stuff coming.

  5. It's funny, too, because... if you want to place SA on the left DDI so both the RDR and the SA are at eye level, the 'ADV-BIT' data strip across the bottom obscures the NCTR info. And, if you want the RDR on the left and SA on the right... you lose the RDR to the stores display when you change modes/ordinance. :doh:


    'first world' problems.


    I'm pretty sure IRL the Advisory Line 'ADV-' should not display if there aren't any current advisories to show. I remember a USN guy did comment on this way back in the summer.


    Would be nice if it could be tidied up if true.

  6. One little trick you might try: I've mapped several of the Right MFD buttons to my HOTAS to make radar ops a little more F-15like. I control radar range, Elevation bar scan options, and azimuth options all from my HOTAS. Works great!


    You might want buy the Thrustnaster MFDs. I got them a couple of months ago. Absolute game changer. Love them for immersion and quick DDI changes and selections. I’m thinking about buying a 2nd pack for the HSI / central display.

  7. I've noticed the same and I've done a similar test. Didn't shoot my target but my track shows how the F/F track is not updated correctly etc. Track below with approx times stamps.


    00:00 Starts with ownship contact on TU-160 at approx 60nm

    01:00 AI radar comes on. Detects target but doesn't update SA page with F/F data

    02:10 Ownship IFF

    03:40 AI Wingman updates his F/F link with the HAFU V at approx 12 nm (seems very close?)

    04:35 I turn flight away from bandit. The F/F link stays on screen - Why? My radar can't see him - why can AI?

    05:35 Require bandit and regain F/F data

    06:20 I go radar SIL and turn away - F/F appears to update as it should

    07:40 Weird jumping of F/F data symbol


    I then turn away and lose ownship radar contact for a while. The F/F datalink symbols continues to display in the incorrect postion until I turn on the the correct heading, require bandit and at this point the F/F updates.


    I think the main issue (in addition / related to the above posts) is that the wingman target stays on display even when your wingman clearly has lost radar contact. Maybe the wingman has extrapolated the data to a predicted position, but this position is very clearly wrong.

    Hornet FF Datalink error.trk

  8. Well I've spent the best part of the afternoon playing around with the new toys. So far the datalink functions are looking like a real bonus to SA.


    However I have a few questions regarding the planned implementation (not really bugs).


    1. Is it correct that an IFF ID should be 'remembered' by the system? You can IFF a contact, turn away for a few minutes, lose the contact completely off the radar and when reacquired, he's still hostile...... How does it know?


    2. NCTR print happens instantaneously. I'm sure that it would take some radar processing time before an ID. At least that's how it's modeled in other sims...maybe not a good reference but still it's logical....


    3. MIDS DDI page. We've spent the last few months staring at a static MIDS page. Hopefully there's a plan to model the NET ENTRY portion..... Can we at least interact a little more with this page on a cold start? I know MIDS voice is coming.


    4. MSI information on the radar page? Hopefully it's planned to model the HAFU symbols and RWR symbols on the radar page as well. It's currently annoying having to mentally correlate each contact between 2 different pages.


    Thanks Wags and team for implementing such a cool addition....

  9. Tanks for the test. Gonna try it now.


    EDIT: I confirm. Tanker with active tacan inhibits d/l


    Can you report it as a bug?


    I'm not seeing this at all. Just tried with an S-3 with a TACAN. D/L still working fine.


    (A-A Tacan still incorrectly showing bearing though.....)

  10. All seems to be working as intended now Wags.


    I'm seeing a few issues with F/F displaying icons in the wrong position. Will try to get track.




    The E2 / E3 don't generate a Friendly RWR symbol on the SA page - might be as designed? The other Friendlies do.


    Friend RWR Option - ID and No ID produces exact same symbol?


    Should the Radar Cursor and SA cursur sync up and move together? Would help to correlate what we're seeing between both displays. Appreciate this might be a Boeing issue.

  11. So I'm testing out the new update...can't seem to make AWACS SURV or F/F tracks show up on the SA page.


    I've turned on the D/L with the UFC and have an awacs and wingmen in the mission. SURV and F/F are boxed on the sensor page.


    No symbols show up on the SA page, I'm expecting at least diamonds from the AWACS? I'm talking to AWACS and he has hostile contacts etc.


    Tried now with a couple of different self made missions.


    Anything I've missed?


    (I'll add that I've tried with both my own radar active and silent, still no Awacs data)

  12. This aircraft Hotas doesn't work the way like the A-10c does. it's simply because it uses different throttles and stick. the answer is no, you cannot cycle the pages.


    This is incorrect. There is a limited amount of page scrolling available but it depends on the specific pages. For example, I believe you can cycle between the HSI / SA page / Slew function with successive presses of the castle switch towards the ddi displaying these pages.


    There are most problably other functions similar to this, the problem is the basic NATOPs doesn’t mention many.


    In either case, none appear to be implemented yet.

  13. TCS can be used for weapon launch, though it either needs to use vertical displacement tricks for ranging, or have the radar slaved and illuminating.


    At least, this is according to HB's manual.


    Thanks, I had read that in the manual but had forgot the specifics. Interesting anyhow.

  14. More modern, higher resolution IR-capable camera than the TCS pod. Some of the F-14 videos on YT show off the TCS pod tracking other jets. It can't guide weapons on them, though.


    The AWG-9 weapon system can use the TCS for angle tracking data and the radar for range tracking in combination. I’m not sure if this can generate the required solution for weapon launch though, prob not....


    The LANTIRN was a bolt on solution, so probably isn’t integrated to the degree that it can be slaved to the radar LOS. It may be able to track an AA target independently.

  15. It is always easy to criticize when you are confortably waiting for more contents but I am a bit surprised by what I heard when somebody asked for more RIO stuff during this stream : the steamer (Jabbers) simply justified this lack of content by the fact he had not yet practiced and mastered the RIO seat.

    Ok, this station must be quite complicate to handle, the AN/AWG-9 looks like a difficult and unintuitive radar system but why not still trying to show us more ? This privilege of getting an early access to a product implies a pretty big personal investment, it is of course time consuming. It is not only having this incredible luck to “play” before the official release.

    I must admit I am pretty disappointed by what I saw from the lucky ones for the moment. I know they are not professional and gave us of their time but I would have expected a little bit more.


    I think there’s an unofficial gentleman’s agreement that Heatblur themselves will be the first to show off the RIO pit.


    In principle though I agree that the privilege of access hasn’t exactly been met with a torrent of useful videos for the cummunity. If you remember Bunyaps video series for the Viggen two years ago...a very informative exploration and experimentation of all its systems and quirks.

  16. The greatest restriction on the content creators is the time it takes to produce their videos and, added to that, the time it takes to learn to use the AWG-9 and other RIO systems.


    But they're coming for sure!


    Cool, so I’m afraid I’m going to need a firm date for that Naquaii......:smilewink:

  17. Well, this community has a tendancy to hype itself up a great deal on it's own, just look at what started this one: A random STEAM db update from someone not at HB.



    Sorry guys if you feel mistreaded in any way, it was not our intention.

    This discussion will however not affect when we can/will release the module.


    How about in the mean time you lift the restriction on content from your content creators. Let’s have some good RIO videos. Some nice long range intercepts and some TID usage would tide me over till at least next week.

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