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  1. Thanks D-Scythe, that would be very useful.
  2. I thaught myself 3dsmax 3 years ago, or so. I begun modelling in discreet gmax, (a freeware 3D tool with less options as 3dsmax but still uses many of the same tools as it`s big brother, 3ds max), it was very tedious and difficult to do at first, so don`t get discouraged if things don`t seem to work, we all happened for the same difficulties... :) Try this basic tutorial for gmax on how to model an A/C: http://www.planesimulation.com/gmax2.htm You can download gmax from here: http://www.discreet.com/products/gmax/ Hope this helps in something.
  3. ""Hey Joao, can you do us a favour and model the AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire as well? Seems like the AGM-114C/K is already getting a makeover in another 3rd party mod of the Predator UAV.""" Yes sure, it will take some time but I`ll do it, if you have some references or pics to share I would apreciate it. :) Btw, the Predator model looks beautiful! Will it be flyable or is for AI?
  4. Thank you I have been cutting down unnecessary polygons on the engines models. The poly count on the motors has been dropped from the 1810 as it was before to 1148 triangles as it stands now, still however needs some more optimization: The Apache also got new glasses, with more curved surfaces than the ones it had. The old low poly TADS unit has also been changed by another more smoothed version: The M/R air intake (excuses if this is not the real ID) on top of the air-frame is under improvement as well: This is all for now, keep in channel for more...
  5. No prob man, I didn`t too remember "C-H" as the acronym that`s as well assigned Comanche Hokum. Flexman`s has been very busy with the real world commitments and had droped development (at least for now) with Combat Helo. It`s a matter of time, he could come one of these days and finish off what he has started with that great sim. :) ""Actually, the 16 Hellfires don't count towards the poly count. The pilot does though. And you don't have to limit the Apache to 15-20 000 polys. You can double number that no problem, so long as you have modelled the necessary LODs for it too."" I think that with 30-50.000 polys would be ok then. BTW, does anyone has detailed drawings on the T/R assembly? The follow pic shows a lot of details from T/R, if you know of some others pics with similar angles as this one would be much appreciated.
  6. My poly count as for the moment and refering to the wireframe render, that version has 12.352. This will vary depending on many factors; weapons loadout increase trianlges quite a bit, specially when you show off sixteen Hellfires! And pilots have to be added as well...another 1000 faces in the sum :) I think I will go up to 20k as it will be harder to maintain smooth meshes with this budget. I just want to add as much detail as possible.
  7. Thanks :) Heyya rugg, glad to see you again. "Where'd the Stingers go? Excellent job, as usual."" They are in for repair hehe ;). Out of kiding, I just don`t know if include them them or not, does anyone know if v.1.2 will simulate this weapon?
  8. Thanks guys. "Looking as good as ever Do you have any plans to convert it into an AH-64A once you are finished? That model could obviously also use some improvement."" Yes maybe, after all it won`t be a lot of work to convert it to the A version, so yes, if God allows me there is hope for an AH-64A :) "Very nice indeed! However I assume the current EE:CH Apache model is still copyright protected, so using it as an LOD model could be a bad idea should this model make it into Lock On...? Then again, the current Lock On Apache model could also be used as the next LOD model... it's quite a bit simpler"" Sorry I didn`t explain it better. I meant, my current Longbow model that I have been modelling for a sim called Combat Helo (C-H) that has around of 10.000 poly, I could use this as a medium-high LOD, as the highest LOD level will be around 20 or 30k.
  9. Just to let you all know that am still working on the Longbow mod, haven’t` work a lot on it since the last update due to the reasons of always (work, lack of time, work, life etc) but it’s still coming along. I have remade the bulge section (excuse the “technical words”) from the tail boom in the section where the tail rotor assembly is located, this is a version a much more rounded and smoothed than the old one. I have been considering to use the existing 10k "C-H sim" Apache model and assign it as a LOD model, I already have finished off two LODs, there’s only one that needs more work. Excuses for the quick and simple update, now let’s work on that T/R detailing.
  10. Hi, Need you help people, this may have been posted before excuses if so, but I am unable to download and try out FC demo from the main page, it says that I should sign up before start the download, thus I do the registration and then write down my ID on the boxes, but when I finish off doing the registration process, all I get after is the same window saying me "Sign Up" so in order to download, I`m confused, what am doing wrong? :roll:
  11. Your welcome. Sure, in time to time I`ll bring updates on its progress, be on the channel for more. :D
  12. Hi, my model has around of 9 or 10 months of being built, but I don`t know when Lock On`s Apache developing started was, if I did understood well your question. As Skywall23 said, you just need to change a variety of objects on the D model and replace them with the components of an A block. This is not difficult to do, but it takes some time. Yes :) , all but the maintenance handles, as I did change them some days ago. However, I will take another look at these objects to see if some more polygons could make them a bit more rounded when zooming in, but without trying to make a big hit at FPS performance, otherwise I will leave them as they are now. I would also smooth the Air data sensors on top of the engines, as they too look polygonal. There`s in adittion the nav light on tail boom (can you see the little box back there?), that needs improvement as well. :)
  13. Thank you, am glad it does like you :) Excuse the delays of my updates, real world commitments and other projects do require my time and thus I have been working a bit on the model. However, here`s another news for you and for the other members: Low poly motors are being removed, as you can see in the above pics, I have replaced the old ones with more rounded meshes, but for the render image I have maintaned one of them for show off their differences. This mesh engine still needs more optimizacion, but it will look way more curved than its old counterpart. :D In adittion, the Exahust diffusers have now been extruded, and are a bit more detailed: All in all, there are around of 250 pieces yet to be updated.
  14. There`s a car sim called Toca Racer 2, wich does just that, "flashing" lightings effects as when the sun reflects off from the glasses of the cars, and when you see that in real time it`s just superb. 8) PS: D-Scyth, those images in your Lock on look terrific, at first look I thought they were taken from real world sources... gone are the days from the old F-15 Strike Eagle graphics stuff. :wink:
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