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  1. Thank You, that's what I found on the Virpil Forum, although Your collection is easier to browse But I can't find Info about Pedal distance adjustability of the ACE Pedals.
  2. I'm planning on replacing my Saitek combat pedals and get the Virpil pedals, preferably with toe brakes. I have a Next Level Racing rig and the width of the frame on the floor is limited to 44cm. So the base of the pedals should fit. But what I need to know is if the width of the Pedals is adjustable on all models. I found a diagram where the WarBRD Pedals (the distance between the pedals) are apparently adjustable from 45,4cm to 50,6cm. Are the ACE interceptor pedals adjustable too? So if anybody has this model and can confirm this I would be happy to hear I couldn't find anything on Virpils website...
  3. Sorry for not replying earlier but I could not reproduce the error. Only thing I did change was the ammunition. I always had "training ammo" or how it's called and switched to anti-bomber. Maybe the issue is just with one type of ammo. Will try again to reproduce and saving the replay track this time
  4. It is a simple mission I created to practice firing and actually hitting something . I never saved tracks but I will be flying this mission a few times this evening so I can save a track when it occurs. I will post the mission too.
  5. I managed to deactivate the gun sight an safety on mission start. Thanks again for guiding me to that thread! On my other training missions I can now have the rudder and elevator trim set automatically to my liking and this saves me a minute per flight during my takeoff and landing training sessions.
  6. Just to add to the infos, I had this yesterday as I was doing simple training missions to attack a Bomber. As I was getting shot at by the tailgunner I thought it was a failure due to damage. I run the "glass scratch mod" and I adjust the range and base for the gunsight in every flight. Maybe that info can help somehow. I don't have a track for the moment...
  7. Thanks again for all the tips. I managed to destroy a JU88 but still... it is hard. I imagine if I had to be a fighter pilot in those times I would have survived like 10 seconds after enemy contact It is hard, and I mean really hard... Will look at the video this evening and maybe join multiplayer.
  8. Thank You for Your tips, I wouldn't dare to start Multiplayer if I'm not able to shoot some AI's down first. Don't want to be the noob that gets killed every time and not being of any help to the team. But I will give it a try. Setting up a mission was apparently too easy to figure out by myself . I will do exactly that this evening! Anyway, thank You all.
  9. Don't want to start another threat for the same reason, so I'll reactivate this one instead. Started DCS about a month ago, build a PC, invested in a Rig with Hotas, Pedals and Playseat, bought the Spitfire, WWII asset and Normandy map just to be thrown right down on the ground realizing that this is way harder than I thought. I can takeoff, fly around and land without catching fire, tipping over, tailspinning or scraping the wings (that doesn't mean I can land perfectly either ). Took me some weeks... but I think I'm getting close to fly decent enough. But as soon as it comes to fighting I'm dead in an instant. Impossible to hit a BF109 or FW190. At least I'm not killing the engine anymore . And if I get some hits, the other bandit is behind me (since my AI Wingman is dead even before me) and I get shredded to pieces. The moment I realize I'm getting hammered, my aircraft is torn to pieces. Not even a chance to react and "evade". I'm working an eternity to get behind the enemy, fire a million rounds, maybe land a couple of hits, even got a BF109 to smoke like a chimney once and was happy I finally got a kill but that thing kept flying like nothing happened. Couple of minutes later, the second bandit is behind me, brrrrt.... dead. I can't find a way to set a difficulty level for the instant actions or missions, it just seems it is on "god mode" per default. I'm trying to follow every tip and trick I can find, but I'm getting shot without even knowing someone's behind me... Maybe the Spitfire is too difficult to start with so should I start with another aircraft first?!
  10. Thank You Thinder for all those tips. I have a M.2 SSD (Samsung EVO 970 Plus 500GB) but haven't set a pagefile on it. I'll try that. Will look at the Afterburner also. For the moment I'm quite happy with the settings I have right now. I even got my monitor set up for max resolution on 60Hz. I'm staying above 60 fps until now, but I'm desperately trying to land some hits on a BF109, which just seems impossible to do at the moment. It is hard
  11. I found a solution and the proper description of the problem if anybody encounters the same phenomenon. What I experienced was "tearing" due to the limiation of my TV, being able to deliver only 30Hz refresh rate above 1920 resolution and the NVidia settings delivering over 50fps. At 1920x1080 monitor resoution I can get 60Hz. I set the VSync option on NVidia to "fast" allowing more than 60fps and only dropping frames if tearing would occur (or something similar, I'm no expert in these things). So now I have about 60-70fps which is nice and smooth. I still have pretty much all AntiAliasing mechanisms turned off, I will try to play with these settings now and hope to stay above 60fps...
  12. Is there a way to set the gun sight reticle and gun safety default state in the mission editor? I created a simple landing mission in ME with the aircraft (Spitfire) "flying over point". At mission start my gun sight is on and gun safety disabled. When I start from the ground the gun sight is off and gun safety enabled.
  13. Hi, First post and already starting with a question that must have been asked about 1000 times, but I can't really find an answer so... I build a PC, bought a HOTAS, Pedals, TrackIR and a Playseat just to start flying in DCS. Normal stuff so far . So I am learning for a month now in the Spitfire and I'm constantly tinkering with the settings to get a smooth experience. It is looking good but when I switch to outside camera (F2) all objects except for the aircraft itself seem to be stuttering somewhat. During flight in cockpit I didn't notice this but maybe I'm too concentrated to not stall, blackout, kill the engine or crash in all possible ways... If I'm lowering the resolution it's smooth, but the graphics aren't that good anymore. I suppose this is due to the pixels "increasing in size". Sorry for the bad explanation, English isn't my native language My question is: Does the framerate of around 50-60fps seem normal for my PC? I have MSAA and SSAA Off. Anisotropic filtering 16x No motion blur, depth of field or lens effects. Heat blur and civilian traffic low, Shadows medium. Screen is a 4k Television. Resolution is at 3840x2160. Specs: Ryzen 3600 at 4,2MHz MSI Tomahawk MAX Samsung EVO 970 plus (only OS and DCS is installed) 16GB Ripjaws @ 3200MHz 2 x 500GB SATAII HDD Gigabyte RTX2070 Windforce 2x 8GB I have nothing to compare this with, since I don't know anyone in my area who plays DCS... What does one have to build to set everything on max, I'm just curious.
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