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  1. Would be nice if language is English, as this is an English forum
  2. Great mod. Have you contacted HB? Should be an easy fix for them to implement?
  3. Yeah, battery on the RB-05 only last about 40 secs.
  4. I created this thread 13 months ago and last week I (finally) got the Viggen Guess the big update on the Viggen recently made the module extra interesting to check out. So far I have been reading, watching videos and mapping buttons. Had a few simple flights so far and really looking forward to Easter and give full attention to this exciting module. Low, fast, ground attack and pop-up points is refreshing after TGPs and loitering for "too many" flights The tips in the thread above are valuable to me when getting going. Thanks!
  5. Love the French pack. Is it possible to get a prefix in the init names to distinguish the units in the French pack from the Vanilla units?
  6. A lot of good things (kneeboards, missions etc) are added for the Apache already, and it is to bad it is hidden under "OTHER"...
  7. Had the same question, even though I guessed there were no special "HOTAS" buttons. Would have been awesome to have a "acquisition selection switch", same was as the "sight selection swtich". But again, then I must send a "complaint" to Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) BTW: The Apache module is just awesome!
  8. The Apache is very demanding when being CPG and zooming on targets and smoke....My FPS drops to around 20-30. Usually in the high 50-60s
  9. The mission with the "Civilian Assets Pack - Nautical" has been reviewed by nazradu. See the video here:
  10. It should. I would update the weather before flying as this mission is pre 2.7 clouds. I may look into testing/updating the mission this weekend.
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