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  1. @IronMike @ensamvarg Any update on this? Needed for the "Last Ride" Livery: 1XX Modex "USS John F. Kennedy" on the shoulders Fuel Tank Art Correct Jolly Rogers Skull on tail Needed for HiViz livery: Correct Jolly Rogers Skull on tail
  2. Dont get me wrong, I would love to see those squadrons added too, but instead of adding new ones, I would be happier if the current ones will be fixed. The Mirroring Issues and the Fake skull issue (including missing drop tank art, wrong modex, missing carrier name on shoulders,...) on the current Jolly Rogers liveries. Knowing the skull is wrong wont let me use both VF-103 liveries anymore. PLEASE correct this. After its corrected, I'd be open for more squadrons and your beloved santa tomcat
  3. I didnt had time for downloading the patch yet. Did we get the Skin Contest Liveries? Or any other new liveries for the late A? Or Helmet logos and suit patches corrected for the different squadrons?
  4. @Tholozor Could you check again please is the "Antenna Waveguide" logo is fixed? THX
  5. I didnt had time yet to update the 80 GB patch. Could anybody tell me, if those corrections were done? THX
  6. To me its a bug. I am not asking for a feature to include for the Hornet. I am asking for a texture bug to be corrected A shadow, a baked-in ambient occlusion layer or whatever it is, its not there on a real hornet. But thanks for mention it to the team.
  7. T-O-A

    Dead Files

    Hi, There are a lot of legacy files from old Flanker 2.5 times which are dead and just wasting space. For example the folder "mig-29k" ---> C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\Liveries This folder still contains skins. Its just wasting space and we dont have the K-Version any more so please delete it. Also some old school AI. For example the F-16 MLU. This is so old school there arent even skins for it left. It shows just a green, red blue buggy mess. There are like five F-16s in game at the moment. So please remove the glitchy MLU without any skins. Please check if there are other dead files which could be deleted. Thanks
  8. Hi, this Bug was found by _mu110_ When removing the pylons we have a black shadow texture bug. There were black squares on the upper side of the wings, which arent there in real live. In real live the locations of the removed pylons are just clear. Here are a few picture: If we remove the plylons in game it looks like this: Would it be possible to get this bug fixed? This looks really messed up in game. Thanks for feedback.
  9. Each position of the castle swith is one weapon? like... up is gun, left is SW, right is SP and down is PH? Does it have a push function?
  10. Has this been corrected yet? Thanks for feedback
  11. Maybe after the P-47 contest ...
  12. Hey, I spotted a mirroring bug on the Rampagers livery. The Rampagers-Head on the right tail looks behind the Jet: In Real life the head looks on both tails to the front of the jet: Mirroring issue is also on the Fuel Tank logo. Thanks for correcting it.
  13. +1 Please implement/swap the for next patch. Just removing the logos on "default livery" gamblers skin.
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