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  1. No joy DCS 2.0.4 Version Not showing up in Modules or ME Installed same as 1.5 which works.
  2. 119th AHC official webpage http://reocities.com/pentagon/quarters/1534/covers.html
  3. Could we get an answer please same issue here and nothing has changed.
  4. The Huey is your good old reliable woman at home...The Gazelle is the smoking hot chick at the bar that screams trouble and you still go for it.
  5. Practice Practice Practice Die Die Die Practice some more is the winning formula..lol Welcome aboard A31.
  6. jaznit I skipped the Saitek software part after it kept giving me BSOD just loaded the lua files in controls options and worked perfect.
  7. Does the A10C profile work with 2.0 ? Having difficulties getting it to run.
  8. Thank you for your generosity..please put my name in the hat..best of luck to all !
  9. Would it be possible to see your collective settings ?
  10. Unable to open using Win7 any suggestions as to why ?
  11. I used the trim once or twice hated it ...never looked back.
  12. I use Newcon 1x25 Dual Tube Gen. 3 Aviator Night Vision Goggles frequently. They rely on ambient light ( moon , stars ) the amount of light dictates the performance and clarity.
  13. Correct if either one of the symbols are showing then it is desynchronised.
  14. For me the sudden "spike" while pulling collective is gone.. Added bonus is no more staring at an empty seat during a flight.
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