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  1. Starting working on one but the Rhino profiler just doesn't work for me ..So I have everything essential mapped but every once in a while I have to do some remapping for unexplained reasons.


    Maybe I will give a go again..but I do suggest/urge you to try yourself and see what you think.

  2. I am positive they are well aware of this issue since it has been discussed as far back as 124




    I am also sure they have a punch list of items prioritized that have been temporarily back seated due to the development of EDGE


    They have already released 4 complete AC since I have been onboard which is pretty damn impressive IMO


    More than likely this will be addressed and fixed with the release of DCSW2

  3. 1654302_382073915265823_841416037_n_zps9


    This is a Slick converted into a Gun Ship flown in VN by my good friend 3-3 / Steve " Tooth " Bookout aka Bookie...120th AHC Razorbacks


    Notice no hard points were needed to lighten the load all liners benches and non essential items were removed.

    He flew this GS at treetop level at 35 kts at night.

  4. Left shift k x 2 will get things shaking then for the added bonus Lft Win + F1 will toggle head movement.

    ( This combination is fun but it can and will produce a vertigo effect and possible nausea ).

    Enjoy !

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